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Part 14

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This past Wednesday, I began E--mailing a warning to my friends to liquidate their stocks as quickly as possible. Granted this was not as timely as the warning I issued last year, three weeks before the stock market fell 400 points, but at least I did get it out.

The next day, Thursday, June 13, 2002 The Dow Jones Industrial Average was falling and the indexes were completing their fourth straight weekly decline.

It seems investors were spooked by reports of a surprise fall in US retail sales. Up till now, consumer spending has been the key factor in sustaining the US economy over the past year.

A report in America’s "beige book" issued by the Federal Reserve on June 12th said that growth in April and May had been "modest but uneven". While some sectors are doing well, "others softened or remained weak."

This struck a noticeably less optimistic tone than the last "beige book", in March, and has dampened expectations that the Fed will raise interest rates from their current 40-year low of 1.75%. Part of the problem is what economists call the "quality" of the growth.

The truth is economic growth has been sustained by discretionary government spending that, according to Goldman Sachs, is running 10-15% above last year's.

That same day, June 12th, the International Monetary Fund, issued a report which said that Equities appeared to be overvalued.

It stated that there was a risk of a stock market"correction due to disappointing earnings…not only for the US, but also in other regions."

Thus, bad news from the economy compounded the mood on the markets. Traders now say that investors have lost nearly all confidence in the markets, amid concerns that firms in the US and elsewhere will fall well short of profit expectations.

By Friday, 14th, June, 2002, stock markets around the world were ending the week in turmoil, with share prices heading south amid highly volatile trading.

Hardest hit were - yet again - technology, media and telecoms shares, which fell to their lowest levels in five years, before partially recovering later in the day.

In Europe, top companies like Vodafone, Nokia, Vivendi and Deutsche Telekom were crowding the ranks of the biggest losers. Four stocks fell for every three that rose on the New York Stock Exchange.

Advancing and declining shares were about even on the NASDAQ Stock Market. Some 1.55 billion shares traded on the Big Board, 21 percent more than the three-month daily average. For investors, the market turmoil caps a week of hefty losses.

The slump in stocks sent investors to gold and bonds. Gold shares such as Newmont Mining Corp. jumped as the metal, up 15 percent this year, rose as much as $5.50 to $324 an ounce today. The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note fell to a six- month low


Forget the fact that we're already in a recession. Forget that consumer debt has more than doubled to $1.7 trillion since 1990. Forget a money supply that's just increased 10.9% (the fastest rate in 18 years).

Or that America's federal funds rate plummeted from 6.5% to 2.5% in just 12 months... and the stock market still collapsed (it's now down $3.8 trillion from its peak two years ago).

The dollar is very vulnerable to a change in sentiment about the relative attractions of American assets. In the past year, there has been a shift in the flows into the United States.

Direct investment financed 91% of America’s current-account deficit in 1999.

By last year, that had fallen to 43%, having been supplanted by more fickle capital flows. Foreigners own no less than two-fifths of American Treasury bonds, a quarter of corporate bonds and 13% of American equities.

Austrian Economist, Kurt Richebächer gives us the reason why capital is fleeing.

"An over-expanded colossus of debt that requires enormous amounts of new credit just to keep depression and a liquidity crisis at bay."


"In short, the over-inflated debt-based U.S. economy necessitates the relocation of American product creation facilities and entire industries off-shore.

A nation cannot sustain itself without the ability to create product. To offset the loss of production, the Federal Reserve maintains interest rates at 44-year lows that, as a result, fuel continued consumer debt-based purchases, mortgages and consumer debt roll-overs."

"Purchases by American consumers now account for 75% of the American economy.

Capital spending (new factories, etc.) continues to decline, corporate profits are non-existent and, in response, employees increasingly absorb health care and retirement costs."

In a recent article on CBS MarketWatch, John Hathaway, a manager of the Tocqueville Fund, said "Gold will surpass $1000.00 an ounce in coming years, largely because of distress in the World's stock, bond, and currency markets and an accelerating Japanese Banking crisis".

[My prediction, which I’ve made known for some time it that Gold will reach $2,000 an ounce. - JOB]

He cites other reasons also... Enron will not be the only company to fail as scandalous investigations continue...

Japanese demand for gold is up four-fold in the past four months because of banking problems. Worldwide demand is also increasing...

Baby Boomers are shifting investments to more cautious assets!

Gold is already up over 12% in the past six months! People are turning to Gold to protect and grow their savings and retirement accounts.


The price of gold and gold stocks is sky-rocketing with Central banks across the world coming in for severe criticism for the way they have sold official gold reserves, although in a disguised form.

Maree Howard relates. "One of the biggest financial scandal stories, on the level of Enron, is about to break.

"Central banks are said to have lent their gold [whose gold??] for about 1% per annum - the cheapest borrowed money on earth. They have not reported these loans as sales meaning their official gold reserves remain constant. But the leased gold is gone.

"It has been borrowed by large trading companies called bullion banks. They borrowed at 1%, sold the gold, took the money they earned by selling the gold and invested it at 5% or more. It was sweet multi-billion dollar deal. But now they are in a squeeze.

"They owe billions of dollars of gold bullion to Central banks but to get it back, they must buy gold bullion in the open market, which is now a rising market.

"They are losing money, big time.

What has saved them so far is that the Central banks are not demanding repayment. Meanwhile the public doesn't know that the leased gold is gone. The Central banks do no publish these figures.


Carone was also a Full Colonel in the US Army, where he had operated in the Army's Counter Intelligence Corp (CIC). Unsurprisingly, in view of his close friendship with Bill Casey, he was also a covert operative for the CIA. But that wasn't half of it. Carone was

also a Grand Knight of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM), which historically has been the military arm of the Vatican and is regarded as a separate State with full powers of statehood, including issuing its own diplomatic passports.

In more recent decades SMOM has acted as a funding conduit, a black market gold channel and money laundry for the CIA, amongst others, and is known to act as the Vatican's intelligence arm.

It was alleged to be involved in, for example, the disappearance of Russia's gold reserves--over 2,000 metric tones- -which vanished during 1991, around the time that Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev was ousted from office.

Malta knighthoods are awarded to many leading individuals who are part of the military and intelligence community. The CIA's Bill Casey, for example, was a Knight of Malta.

Former NATO General and later US Secretary of State Alexander Haig is also a Malta Knight. Another is General Vernon Walters, the former Deputy Director of the CIA under DCI George Bush, and later appointed a roving ambassador during the Reagan Administration.

The legendary head of the OSS (the WWII precursor of the CIA).


Then there are the "direct" sales of gold by the Central banks. The most recent sales were made by the Bank of England. It sold off at least half of its gold reserves over a 3-year period ending in March.

The man responsible for the decision to sell the gold is Gordon Brown, the Chancellor of the Exchequer. He has now come under fire for having made horrendous investment decisions.

The British Independent newspaper published the story on May 26.

In part that paper says "Gordon Brown has "lost" 400 million pounds by ordering the sale of part of Britain's gold reserves by the Bank of England....."

"Figures obtained by the Independent on Sunday also show that his decision to order the Bank of England to part with some of its gold reserves and switch into Euro and yen was also not a good bet for the taxpayer. The value of gold has soared on world markets as investors have switched to gold."

First gold disappears from Russia, then from Britain and now seemingly from the U.S. Where did it all go? Well, a good part of it went to China and a little bit of it went to Japan. But fairly substantial portions have wound up in the hands of wealthy families.


A very important question, we should be asking ourselves is: How long will Saudi Arabia -- bin Laden's birthplace -- fuel our war planes so we can bomb their Muslim neighbors? Probably not long.

The flames of war are ready to spread. The U.S. has built up seizable contingents of armed forces, in neighboring countries as well as Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia itself, the royal family is falling apart.

Anti-U.S. fundamentalists are ready to throw them out... and, hopefully, to bring the United States to its knees at the same time.

Bin Laden on oil: "A barrel of oil should cost $144. By these calculations, Americans have stolen $36 trillion from Muslims. They owe each member of the faith $30,000." !!!

Saudi Arabia: 26% of the world's oil reserves are parked under Saudi soil. So are 204 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. Control this and you control the future of the American economy. Osama bin Laden knows it.

He's Saudi born. He has support among the Saudi people, even as the Saudi royal family is falling apart. His dream is a Khomeini-style takeover of the Saudi government. At stake -- 259 trillion barrels of oil and 204 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

This is why the U.S. is in Afghanistan. The oil in the fields above Afghanistan are vast but the oil cannot be extracted and shipped abroad without pipelines. And the best route is through Afghanistan. The U.S. wishes to be free of Saudi finances and oil.

Based on what we paid in the 1970s, even allowing for today's weaker Dollar, our current price per barrel would have to skyrocket to $80 before it compared with what we used to pay. Will it go that high? Quite possibly.



In his book BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, William Cooper wrote in Chapter Five, Good-bye USA, Hello New World Order about "a plan to suspend the Constitution and declare martial law".

In the first part of the chapter, Cooper speaks of this plan to destroy the balance of Constitutional Power, and reveals how it was carried out. You will be shocked to learn that this plan was instituted by a joint effort of President Bush [Senior] and Congress, using the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait as their springboard! "

In other words, both Presidents Bush have used national emergencies to get legislation passed that will one day take our freedoms away! Congress in both instances gave the Presidents Bush exactly those powers for which they were looking.

Copper continues:

"These NSDs [National Security Directives, a.k.a, Executive Orders] are powerful, hidden, and dangerous tools ... They are being used to destroy our Constitution ... Congress has turned a blind eye to these abuses of executive power.

At 3:30am, Saturday, August 4, 1990 ... a minority of United States senators, maybe ten at the most, passed Senate Intelligence Authorization Act for fiscal year, 1991 (S.B. 2834).

This bill will fundamentally change our constitutional system and threatens to destroy the very foundations of our great nation. Since most attention had been focused upon the Middle East crisis, the public and most Congressmen know absolutely nothing about this bill." [P. 111]

Cooper then lists the particular powers this bill gives the President:

"The President was given the power to initiate war, appropriate public funds, define foreign policy goals, and decide what is important to our national security.

In "Oversight of Intelligence Activities", Title VII, S.B. 2834, authorizes the following: Gives the president power to initiate covert actions ... prevents Congress from stopping the President's initiation of covert actions, allows the President to use any federal departments, agencies, or entities to operate or finance a covert operation, and redefines covert actions as operations 'necessary to support foreign policy objectives of the United States', a term so vague and broad as to be essentially unlimited.

[This bill] for the first time, officially claims the right of the United States to secretly interfere in the internal 'political, economic, or military affairs' of other countries ....

There are no penalties in the bill for violating any of its provisions, including the provision requiring a finding ... This bill has literally handed the power of all the branches of government to the President on a silver platter." [P. 111-112]

Now, you know how it was possible for President Bush [Junior] to act so swiftly, so decisively, after the September 11 attacks, to formulate a plan against Afghanistan and then simply announce it, rather than going to Congress for either a declaration of war or any other type of authorization.

And, you know something? Most Americans are so blissfully ignorant of how our government works, the vast majority did not realize anything special or different was occurring.

Cooper details some of the more dangerous National Security Directives, in particular #138, entitled, "International Terrorism", issued 4/3/84. "

SUBJECT: This directive endorsed the principle of preemptive strikes and retaliatory raids against terrorists and called on 26 Federal agencies to recommend specific measures to combat terrorism. PURPOSE: To lessen international terrorism ...

"While this NSD directive pretends to be concerned about international terrorism, it is really a thinly disguised authorization of preemptive strikes and retaliatory raids against patriots in this country.

When FEMA is activated, patriots will be rounded up in the dead of night, most likely on a national holiday such as Thanksgiving. Government agents and law-enforcement officers in every city across the nation have received 'antiterrorist' training under this NSDD directive, and I can assure you the target is patriots."

"In June, 1975, Senator John Tunney (D), California, chairman of the Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights, charged that Mount Weather held dossiers on at least 100,000 Americans.

He later alleged that the Mount Weather computers, described as 'best in the world', can obtain billions of pieces of additional information on the personal lives of American citizens simply by tapping the data stored at any of the other 96 Federal Relocation Centers.

"I know from my stint with the Office of Naval Intelligence that these dossiers consist of information collected about American patriots, men and women who are most likely to resist the destruction of our Constitution and the formation of the totalitarian police state under the New World Order.

The patriot data bank is constantly updated so that, when the appointed hour arrives, all patriots can be rounded up with little, if any, effort.

"The plan calls for this to be accomplished in the dead of night on a national holiday. The most likely holiday is Thanksgiving, when [nearly] everyone, no matter the religion, race, or creed, will be at home.

The targets will be ripe for the picking after a heavy meal, maybe some alcoholic beverages, and during a deep sleep.

There is a traitor in the patriot movement who provides the Secret Government with accurate names and addresses of patriots who will fight to protect and defend the Constitution."

NEWS BRIEF: "Armed and dangerous: Federal agencies expanding use of firepower" Part 1, by Sarah Foster, WorldNetDaily, Archives, 1997

"David Kopel, director of the free-market Independence Institute in Golden, Colorado, is an outspoken critic of the usurpation of local and state police authority by the federal government and the growing use of violence in law enforcement.

According to Kopel, the FBI has 56 SWAT teams that 'specialize in confrontation rather than investigation, even though investigation is, after all, the very purpose of the bureau'."

"Today, there are nearly 60,000 federal agents trained and authorized to enforce the over 3,000 criminal laws Congress has passed over the years, plus the hundreds of thousands of regulations which now carry criminal penalties ... These are full-time agents, authorized to execute searches, make arrests, and/or carry firearms 'if necessary'.

But that number is not complete. When some 7,145 Customs inspectors and 317 Customs Department pilots are added -- all of whom have the above listed law enforcement powers -- the total is pushing 60,000.


"... Eric Sterling, president of the Washington-based Criminal Justice Policy Foundation and a counsel for the House Judiciary Committee in the 1980s. Sterling, who describes himself as a liberal, is particularly alarmed by the arming of agencies with military weapons, such as machine-guns.

"The machine-gun is an indiscriminate weapon, and is singularly inappropriate for the FBI and other agencies," he said. 'Its use by a government agency is a horrifying prospect'."

"In full agreement is Greg Lojein, legislative counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union. He deplores not only the expansion of the federal law enforcement, but the lack of constraining mechanisms.

'Local police are subjected to review (by civilian boards), but not federal agents,' he noted. 'When the Department of Justice investigates (an agency incident), the results are not nearly as trustworthy as when an independent entity investigates'."



(Special briefing on the 2002 Unified Command Plan. Also participating: Gen. Richard Myers, chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff; Dr. Stephen A. Cambone, principal deputy under secretary of defense for Policy;

and Lt. Gen. George W. Casey, director, Strategic Plans and Policy, Joint Chiefs of Staff. The briefing slides are available at

Rumsfeld: Good morning. Chairman Myers and I are pleased to announce the 2002 Unified Command Plan, which realigns and streamlines the U.S. military structure to better address 21st century threats.

The plan we announce today is undoubtedly the most significant reform of our nation's military command structure since the first command plan was issued shortly after World War II.

Chairman Myers and his staff and the OSD staff are certainly to be commended for their work on this plan.

In 1946, the United States faced the challenges and dangers of a new and unexpected era. The first UCP addressed those issues. Today our country faces an era of the unexpected. We're involved in a war unlike any that our country has ever experienced.

We must be ready to win today's global war on terror, but at the same time prepare for other surprises and uncertainties that we will most certainly face in the 21st century. . . .



US softens its stance as world court is ratified
By Carola Hoyos, United Nations correspondent
Published: April 11th, 2002 22:54

The US said it would consider co-operating with the International Criminal Court, which became a reality on Thursday as 10 nations handed in their ratifications.

Though the Bush administration is deeply opposed to the world court, Pierre-Richard Prosper, US ambassador-at-large for war crimes, on Thursday took a surprisingly conciliatory position.

He did not rule out co-operating with the United Nations Security Council in sending cases of war crimes, genocide or crimes against humanity to be tried at the world court.

The stance is likely to prompt criticism among conservative Republican lawmakers, including Jesse Helms, a senior member of the Senate foreign relations committee, who is pushing for legislation that would stop the US from co-operating with the court and punish its allies that do.

Washington's allies, nearly all of whom support the court, will likely view the US position favorably.

Mr Prosper said the US had opted to make its decisions on sending cases to the ICC via the Security Council on a case-by-case basis, rather than using its veto indiscriminately out of principle.

But he said the US would divorce itself from the court to ensure its citizens, especially its soldiers, do not fall under its jurisdiction.

"We'll have to look at the status of our forces agreement keeping in mind the ICC." The US has troops based in more than 100 countries.

Some analysts suggest Washington will work to ensure those countries do not subject US troops to the court in case of alleged violations of international law. The court which earned its 60 ratification’s on Friday, will come into effect July 1.

Friends, obviously these well meaning bureaucrats have never read the U.S. Constitution. We will now see our own citizens and military personnel shipped off to foreign countries to be tried for ‘genocide’ and other ‘war crimes’.



Some years ago, I wrote about a great super highway, which the United States was helping to finance and build, emerging from China and running directly toward Iran.

Today that Super highway is almost built. The highway has been completed through the south of China, Tibet, Pakistan, and Afghanistan but strangely enough, foreigners are not allowed anywhere near this road. However, Pakistan is an ally of China.

If Kashmir were an independent country, you can see how Pakistan's position in a conflict with India would be militarily unfeasible.

Pakistan's major gateway with China is through the narrow area of the Khunjerab Pass, along the Karakoram Highway, which winds through Karahoram Pass.

This super highway runs immediately North of India, but right through the disputed area of Kashmir.

The one characteristic shared by the Chinese and the Pakistanis is their hatred of the Indians. Both China and Pakistan have fought wars against India. Historic hatred and competition is fierce.

India, holds 45 percent of the disputed territory of snow-capped mountains and icy blue lakes, considers it an integral part of the country.

Pakistan, which controls a third of the area, demands implementation of a 1948 United Nations Security Council resolution for a plebiscite to determine the wishes of the Kashmiri people, which followed the first war with India.

China holds the remainder of Kashmir, which has around 13 million people -- some 77 percent of them Muslims."

If we include their Militia, along with her active Army, China can now field an army of 200,000,000 men!! In the last several decades, China has enforced the draconian decree that each family can only have one child.

Since the traditional Chinese culture prefers boys over girls, Chinese parents have quietly been killing girls so they can get pregnant again to have boys.

China is now in the situation where she has tens of millions more men than women.

This is a frightening situation, as these young men need to find wives of their own or expend their energies in war or some productive service.

If we go by history, they will become warriors and invade foreign lands in search of wives and wealth.

May God bless you and yours. As ever, Jeffrey Brackeen


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