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The Seventh Trumpet is at once an Intelligence Report and a Spiritual
Commentary upon the Events and Affairs of our Times.It is intended
to be an ongoing Educational Curriculum based on the subterranean
streams of economic, social, political, spiritual and historical facts,
little known to the general population.


Part 1

"One of the seven Angels, who had the bowls [of judgement], came and spoke to me. He said, Come and I will show you the Verdict of the Great Whore, who sits on many waters - With whom the Kings of Earth have committed fornication, causing all those who live on Earth to become drunk, by the wine of her fornication.

Then he carried me in spirit into the Wilderness, where I saw a woman seated on a red beast, which had seven heads and ten horns and many blasphemous names." - Revelation of St. John, 17:1-3

Beloved friends, forgive me for not publishing an issue this past month, as I was on a trip, traveling through several states and three foreign countries. During my travels, my mind kept returning to this passage because of various reports I was seeing on T.V. and in the newspapers. In this passage, we have two entities: a woman and a dragon. But the beast is said to have ‘seven heads’ and ‘ten horns’.


Many of us remember the flamboyant character, Herbert W. Armstrong, who spoke to us from several radio and television stations, telling us that these 10 horns would be ten nations of a Revived Roman Empire or in other words Europe.

But events have proven that hypothesis to be in error. As I traveled, my mind also went back to a series of articles that I, myself, wrote in THE STANDARD, between 1972 and 1974, in which I exposed various secret organizations, that were already working to foist a NEW WORLD CONSTITUTION upon us.

Please bear with me for quoting from the distilled version of those articles;

"As I pointed out in those articles, the United States has already been divided into ten Regional governments, which administer almost all government and bureaucratic services, including the I.R.S.

The World likewise has also been divided into Ten World ‘Kingdoms’ but for publicity purposes, they are now being called ‘Regions’.

In those articles, I published maps drawn up by the Club of Rome and other groups, who are feverishly working to establish World Government. They are:

Kingdom 1 is the United States & Canada (and I added a caveat that

NAFTA may align Mexico with Kingdom 1)

Kingdom 2 is Europe and the Scandinavian countries

Kingdom 3 is Japan

Kingdom 4 is Australia and South Africa

Kingdom 5 is composed of all the countries of the former Soviet Union.

Kingdom 6 is Mexico & South America

Kingdom 7 consists of all the countries from northern Africa to

Afghanistan (including Israel, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia)

Kingdom 8 is Central Africa

Kingdom 9 is India and Malasia

Kingdom 10 is China" - quoted from my book, Pp 428, 429, ‘FORBIDDEN


Remember Daniel’s dream of a great image, representing the kingdoms of the world, at the end of the Age, which had ten toes made from iron and clay?!


The question now becomes, how can there be ten ‘horns’ and only seven ‘heads’? The seven ‘heads’ are today, what is commonly called the group of seven,

G-7’, the world's most industrialized nations. They are Great Britain, Italy, Canada, the United States, France, Germany and Japan.

This group began as six nations -meeting at Rambouillet, France in November 1975, consisting of France, the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan and Italy, but were joined by Canada at the San Juan, Puerto Rico Summit of 1976. And, as you can see, four of these nations actually belong to Kingdom 2.



The European Union which originated in 1958 via the Maastrict Treaty now possesses 15 member countries who are uniting militarily and economically to replace the declining Dollar with the Euro and the armed forces of the United States with their own military forces. The Euro will

be needed as the U.S. is being ‘cashiered’.

DATE: February 11, 2001

MEDIA: N.Y. Times

ARTICLE: Europe’s Shifting Role Poses Challenge to U.S.


BERLIN, Feb. 10 -- A little phrase from Rudolph Scharping, the German defense minister, recently caused American military commanders to shudder:

"As the European Union develops its security and defense policy and becomes an independent actor, we must determine our security policy with Russia, our biggest neighbor."

The specter of Europe -- and particularly its central power, Germany -- adopting a more independent stance from NATO and paying close heed to Russia is chilling for the United States...

...The 15-member European Union, long a mere trade bloc ultimately protected by American power, has begun to develop into a grouping with its own serious military and strategic ambitions.

DATE: January 31, 2001

MEDIA: London Telegraph

ARTICLE: General admits EU army will be rival to NATO

BY-LINE: Evans-Pritchard

THE European Union's Rapid Reaction Force will start to compete with NATO once it acquires a full range of strategic military assets,
the head of the EU's new military staff said yesterday.
Major-General Graham Messervy-Whiting said the force of 60,000 would undertake humanitarian tasks at first but later would progress to more muscular operations similar to those carried out by NATO troops in Bosnia.

The British general said in a seminar at the Center for European Policy Studies in Brussels: "Initially, we would in no way want to compete with NATO."

The EU force is designed for deployment within 60 days for up to a year, anywhere in the world, backed by 400 aircraft and a naval force - a commitment that could tie down a quarter of a million men once rotation is taken into account. It will be fully operational by 2003, but could start carrying out limited missions much sooner.



So far only twelve of the fifteen countries that make up EU, will participate fully in the unified European currency, the Euro, by the spring of 2002. The twelve countries are: Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. They combine to make a population of roughly 300+ million people, slightly larger than the United States.

The Euro is the second most widely used currency by global financial markets, (stock exchanges, banks, underwriters, etc.). More than 30 nations stretching from Iceland to Estonia to West Africa use the Euro to calculate exchange rates, (the value of foreign currency).

Beginning on Jan 1, 2002 the Euro will become publicly available in the twelve participating countries in notes and coins and two months later, on March 1, 2002, the national currencies of these twelve nations will become defunct.

The Nice Treaty succeeds Maastrict, the treaty that originated the European Union and acts as the governing document that provides the means for the Union to expand

(i.e. the inclusion of the potential 12 new Eastern European members. Ratification of the new members was expected to be cursory. 14 of the existing EU members designated non-voting authority to established procedure. Only Ireland made inclusion subject to a popular vote of the people.

Another 12 potential new Eastern European members wait for admittance and beyond that group awaits a host of others. The long lost 12 Eastern European brethren; Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

The new members, all Eastern European based, added to the current 15 members would boost membership in the Union to 27, more than halfway to the desired 50.

By including supposed sovereign democracies like Monaco and others, the Scandinavian nations, making accommodations for the Vatican and the sprawling Russia somewhat surprisingly lifts the number of potential members of the European Union to 50, a figure identical to the number of states in the U.S.

With the onset of the common currency, the Euro, and the completion of various necessary inter-governmental procedures, EU officials expected the 50 member Union to materialize by mid-century, 2050.

The march forwards to a powerful, united European Union, composed ultimately of 50 member states is being slowed and on the horizon, in the short term we see a weakened Union. The after effects of Ireland's vote have thrown the continent into turmoil.

The intermediate goal is to have the world divided into three zones - the Americas, Europe & Africa, and the Orient - using three currencies until the world is able to arrive at one currency.



"There is a sense in which this woman represents commercialism, being tied, as it is, to the great International Banks. The eminent Russian writer, Tolstoy, jut before his death in 1910, told his daughter Anastasia of a vision which he had just had.

She in turn wrote it down as follows: ‘This is a revelation of events of a universal character, which must shortly come to pass. Their spiritual outlines are now before my eyes. I see floating upon the sea of human fate, the huge silhouette of a nude woman. She is - with her beauty, her poise, her smile, her jewels - a super Venus.

Nations rush madly after her, each of them eager to attract her especially. But she, like an eternal courtesan, flirts with all. In her hair - an ornament of diamonds and rubies - is engrave her name: COMMERCIALISM. As alluring and bewitching as she seems, much destruction and agony follow in her wake . . .’" - P.425, Forbidden Truths Revealed

The poorer nations of Earth, or the Third World as they are commonly called, would understand Tolstoy’s vision, because they were the recipients of vast loans which now demand their entire nation's Gross National Product just to pay the interest. Many of these countries have already defaulted in their payments.

Consider the following news item.

NEWS BRIEF: "G-7 Presses Large Banks On Bailouts",

by Michele M. Phillips and Bob Davis, and Pamela Druckerman,

The Wall Street Journal, November 2, 1998, page A27.

"The world's seven major economic powers are ratcheting up pressure on private banks and investors to chip in for international bailouts, including the rescue now being assembled for Brazil. In statements Friday, the Group of Seven industrialized nations endorsed the creation of a preapproved credit line for nations in danger of being hit by investor panic ...

"The G-7 leaders, finance ministers and central bankers stressed that the private sector must join the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and wealthy nations in funding the plan ... ' ‘the private sector ... needs to be appropriately involved in crisis management and resolution', the G-7 finance ministers and central bankers said."

MEDIA: BBC Business

ARTICLE: European Central Bank

BY-LINE: Staff

The new European Central Bank is based in Frankfurt, Germany’s financial capital. The European Central Bank, (ECB) sets monetary policy for all European Union countries in a single currency. It is the successor of the European Monetary Institute --set up five years ago to oversee the transitional stage of monetary union.

The ECB works with national central banks within what is called the European System of Central banks. Its key tasks are to:

Define and implement monetary policy, such as setting interest rates

Maintain price stability

Support economic policies of member states as long as they do not affect price stability

Conduct foreign exchange operations and look after the official foreign reserves of the member states;

Promote smooth operation of payment systems that link banks

Europe’s new central bank has exclusive rights to authorize the issue of banknotes within the community but it will share the actual role and process banknotes with national central banks. Member states taking part in monetary union are only allowed to issue coins. The ECB has to approve the volume of money issued.

The ECB is regarded by many in the banking profession as a double of Germany’s Bundesbank-and it is actually based in Frankfurt, Germany’s financial capital. This was the original home of the Rothschild family, if you will remember.


The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have been empowered by the governments of the supposedly wealthy north

(the U.S., the U.K., Japan, Germany, France, Canada, and Italy -- the "Group of 7) to impose economic austerity policies in the countries of the so-called "Third World" or "global South". These two institutions have been used by the International Bankers to lure the Third World countries into using debt-based money systems, complete with Central Banks and Babylonian bondage.

Many countries are using their entire annual exports just to pay the interest on loans made to them by these institutions.

When it comes time to ‘cashier’ an entire country, in other words, to ‘repossess’ all their wealth, then the tax payers in the United States are often called upon to bail such-and-such country out of debt. Any one who has the nerve to openly criticize the International Bankers, usually gets punished.


Wed Mar 7, 2001 -- The European Court of Justice ruled yesterday that the European Union can lawfully suppress political criticism of its institutions and of leading figures, sweeping aside English Common Law and 50 years of European precedents on civil liberties.

The EU's top court found that the European Commission was entitled to sack Bernard Connolly, a British economist dismissed in 1995 for writing a critique of European monetary integration entitled ‘The Rotten Heart of Europe’

The ruling stated that the commission could restrict dissent in order to "protect the rights of others" and punish individuals who "damaged the institution's image and reputation".

The case has wider implications for free speech that could extend to EU citizens who do not work for the Brussels bureaucracy.
The court called the Connolly book "aggressive, derogatory and insulting", taking particular umbrage at the author's suggestion that Economic and Monetary Union was a threat to democracy, freedom and "ultimately peace".

However, it dropped an argument put forward three months ago by the advocate-general, Damaso Ruiz-Jarabo Colomer, which implied that Mr Connolly's criticism of the EU was akin to extreme blasphemy, and therefore not protected speech.

Mr Connolly, who has been told to pay the European Commission's legal costs, said the proceedings did not amount to a fair hearing. He said: "We're back to the Star Chamber and Acts of Attainder: the rights of defendants are not respected or guaranteed in any way; the offence of seditious libel has been resurrected."


DATE: 6-16-01

MEDIA: The Guardian

ARTICLE: EU leaders fear wrath of the people

BY-LINE: Ian Black and Michael White in Gothenburg, Sweden Europe's leaders were last night forced to consider slowing down their "great debate" about the future of the continent in the face of growing evidence of
"a widespread sense of disconnection" between the EU and its citizens.

As hundreds of anti globalization rioters offered tangible proof of alienation in violent clashes on the streets of Gothenburg, the 15 heads of government attending the Swedish summit were warned that ordinary people remain frustrated by their remoteness and lack of democratic accountability.

Mr Ahern told colleagues that Ireland's shock rejection of the Nice treaty, which paves the way for EU expansion up to 27 members, underlined a "widespread sense of disconnection" between the union and its people.

"There is frustration at what is seen as an absence of clarity, openness and responsiveness in how the union goes about its business," he added. "There is a real and urgent need to focus on how we make the union more meaningful to our citizens and on how its democratic accountability can be strengthened."

And it prompted Tony Blair and fellow leaders to admit to second thoughts as to whether the time is right to launch a potentially divisive debate about the future constitutional direction of Europe.

Outside the summit venue hundreds of anti-capitalist activists clashed with police, throwing sticks and cobble stones and erecting burning barricades. Protesters, many wearing black hoods, smashed several shop front windows, including two McDonald's hamburger restaurants.

Mr Blair denounced the violence in which up to 37 people, including 10 police officers, were injured. "The protests are a complete outrage. To result in this violence is not just entirely wrong, but also completely misguided."

Gerhard Schröder, the German chancellor and his foreign minister, Joschka Fischer, last year sparked a wide debate about the future of Europe as it enlarges in advance of new treaty talks in 2004. But Mr Schröder appeared to be backing down in the aftermath of the Irish vote, which some now fear could come to prove as difficult as the Danish rejection of the Maastricht treaty in 1992.

"The debate about the final shape of Europe must not be conducted under time pressure," he said, acknowledging Dublin's point that was important to involve the wider public in planning the EU's future. "Its an extremely important debate," Mr Person said. "We have to move closer to our electorates."

The Belgians, who take over the EU presidency from Sweden next month, are due to launch the debate over the future shape of Europe. "The EU should not proceed too fast," said the Austrian chancellor, Wolfgang Schüssel, who has experienced voter alienation in the shape of Joerg Heider's far-right Freedom party. "Nice has not yet been ratified and we are already talking about new goals."



By Reuters
June 12, 2001, 1:00 p.m. PT

BEIJING--The soft glow of computer screens lights the faces of hundreds of students and 20-somethings crammed into the Feiyu Internet cafe near Peking University, 24 hours a day. The basement cafe is one of roughly 1,000 in Beijing, where young Chinese can anonymously log onto the Internet and browse any site they fancy, such as news or sports--or even banned pornography sites.

To Beijing, these cafes are a dangerous window into an electronic world beyond the Communist Party's control, and in April the government launched the second major clampdown against the popular venues in just over one year.

Internet cafes offer people in China a way to get online and speak up without identifying themselves, making cyberspace almost impossible to regulate, despite a slew of high-profile arrests in China since March.

"Thanks to Web cafes, they are completely unable to control me," said Sun Hang, a software programmer in Beijing. "In Internet cafes, if I wanted to say something on the Internet, nobody could find me."

Cybercafes create a layer of anonymity between their patrons and police in China, where home and office Internet connections are easily identified be their Internet protocol (IP) address.

"It's very difficult, to be honest, to control by identity," said Edward Zeng, CEO of e-commerce and Web cafe group Sparkice, who rose to fame in 1998 when U.S. President Bill Clinton visited his shop in Shanghai.

That anonymity is important because if China's content laws are broken on a personal home page or a message board of a major Web site, authorities are likely to trace it back to its source, said a Web executive in China who asked not to be named.

The Ministry of Information Industry (MII), the State Council Information Office, the State Security Ministry--China's secret police--and local police all monitor Web sites looking for "hot button" issues: Taiwan, Tibet--which China annexed in 1950--and the banned spiritual group Falun Gong, she said.

Over 20 percent of the more than 20 million Web surfers in China--where most people cannot afford a PC--use cybercafes, an official survey said this year.

In April, the government banned Internet cafes from residential buildings and areas near government offices and schools.

Police said a new round of inspections of the cafes across China for evidence of illegal access to banned Web sites or subversive messages were a precondition for renewing licenses.

Wang Yuesheng, who owns 24 of the Feiyu brand Web cafes in Beijing, said police raid his no-frills cafes twice every month to search browsers for evidence of having visited Falun Gong Internet sites.

"Since March, government offices have boosted their checks of these political cases," said Frank Lu of the Hong Kong-based Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy.

In May, China charged four intellectuals with subversion after they were detained in March for using the Internet to organize a discussion group on political reform, the group said.

Earlier last month in Shandong Province, Wang Jinbo was arrested for "libeling the police on the Internet," the group said.

According to the rights group, China arrested at least two others last month for political statements on the Internet.


We in the United States take the freedom to express ourselves via the Internet for granted. But the day hastens when we may no longer be able to share our values with others. If you have enjoyed this issue of THE SEVENTH TRUMPET, forward it on to a friend.

Until next time, may God bless you and yours, Jeffrey Brackeen

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