THE SEVENTH TRUMPET is at once an Intelligence Report and a spiritual commentary on the events and affairs of our times.

It serves as an ongoing Curriculum of Education for those interested in understanding the hidden
streams of history and economics, revealing the players behind the scenes.

In this Age when up-to-the -minute Information is needed for investing, building estates and protecting
ones future, The Seventh Trumpet is a Lighthouse.
THE SEVENTH TRUMPET has been in continuos print since 1983. It is published by Koinonia Communications, JEFFREY BRACKEEN is well known for his extremely accurate forecasts of the rise and fall of gold prices, among other things.

In the early 70s, Mr Brackeen advised his friends and readers of The Standard to start buying silver & gold (where possible). He predicted that the official price of gold would jump from $35.00 an ounce to $65.00, which it did.

A couple years later, he again advised his friends and the readers of The Standard that the price of gold would reach $285, which is where it leveled out.

Again, several months later, he was right on the money, when he predicted that the price of gold would soar to $860 an ounce. Those who followed his advice, profited greatly.

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