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Anthrax and Dr. Alibek

Dr. Ken Alibek, president of Hadron Advanced Biosystems, a corporation that contracts with the U.S. government to develop innovative technical solutions for the intelligence community. Back in March of this year, Advanced Biosystems was awarded a $2.6 million Anthrax research contract by the U.S. Army to study and develop new medical defenses for Anthrax.

On Oct. 2, Advanced Biosystems received an $800,000 grant from the National Institute of Health to focus on very specific aspects of medical defenses against Anthrax.

In this interview, Dr. Alibek was asked by Fox News anchor Tony Snow what people could best do to defend themselves against the threat of Anthrax. Dr. Alibek replied that
the best defense at our disposal is to build a strong immune system.

Dr. Alibek say's " For years, we have been talking about the importance of building a strong immune system and reducing stress. Now, to hear on national television, a doctor, who is the president of a major company that is being funded by the U.S. government to research medical defenses against Anthrax, say that building the immune system is the best defense the public has to defend itself against Biological threats!

While the masses are frantically running to the doctors and pharmacies to fill prescriptions for the drug Cipro, thinking that will somehow "protect" them, continuing to cling to their fast-food diets and stressful, sedentary lifestyles,
we hold in our hands the key to better health -wellness and prevention.

Dr. Kenneth Alibek, formerly Kanatjan Alibekov, was a Russian scientist who developed biological weapons for the Soviet Union for nearly 20 years. He was First Deputy Director of Biopreparat from 1988 to 1992. Biopreparat was the civilian arm of the biological weapons program and comprised over half of the entire program's personnel and facilities.

He was responsible for 32,000 employees and 40 facilities. He defected to the United States in 1992 with a personal and professional goal to make the greatest contribution he could to eliminate the danger of biological weapons.

In a May 20, 1998 statement before the Joint Economic Committee of the U.S. Congress, Dr, Alibek, then Program Manager for the Battelle Memorial Institute,
described the history, dangers and concerns of Biological Weapons, including the importance of military and medical preparedness from military and terrorist attacks, and in this statement he included his recommendations.

Concerning the pulmonary form of Anthrax caused by biological weapons, which has a 90% fatality rate, Dr. Alibek concluded that the usual form of antibiotic treatment is largely ineffective. He went on to say, "There are several elements in this process that can be targeted for study. The first is to find ways to modulate the immune system, to counter the immunosuppressive effects of bacterial propagation in the lymph system."

In his conclusion and recommendations concerning all forms of biological threats, Dr. Alibek stated, "Since the primary goal of developing bio-defense is to save human lives, we must greatly increase our efforts to develop new treatment and urgent prophylaxis techniques.

As part of this medical research, we must consider a new approach in this area: fundamental research development of methods for non-specific defense, based on amplifying the immune response of the human body to invasion by any foreign agent. These efforts, as well as the funds spent on research and development, will pay for themselves many times over.

In addition to contributing to our nation's preparedness for a biological attack, they will provide a much-needed push in the treatment of infectious diseases that occur under natural conditions.. Infectious diseases remain one of the leading causes of death in the world and cause tremendous losses, in terms of both money and human lives, every year.

Furthermore, this research, especially that into methods for non-specific defense, will also contribute to the treatment of many other types of diseases, such as autoimmune disorders and cancer."

For Dr. Alibek's complete statement, go to

Upon further research, a PBS program entitled Frontline -Plague War originally aired Oct. 13, 1998, included an interview with Dr. Alibek. Below is a portion
of this interview.

We need to stop a discussion whether or not biological weapons are efficient or inefficient. They're efficient. It's clear. And if we start analyzing what can be done and what we need to do to fight these weapons, we would see very serious consequences in the future.

We need to develop a national program on how to develop protection against biological weapons, against biological terrorist acts. We have a lot of scientists who have a good knowledge of how to develop protection against biological weapons.

Even now we can say that it would be possible to develop a comprehensive bio-defense. We are capable now. At least this country is capable to make these weapons useless. We need to choose the right directions, and we need
to make right decisions.

So what's the first thing that needs to be done?

In my opinion, we need to stop thinking that biological weapons are very terrifying and that we can't find any protection. We can't forget the ultimate objective ... when we talk about bio-defense ... to save peoples' lives ... we need to start developing medical defense, because medical defense is able to protect people against biological weapons.

If we understand that not just vaccines are capable to protect people, because in many cases it's impossible to vaccinate the entire population of the country against all possible agents. It's absolutely impossible. But there are some approaches, and these approaches could be used for developing medical defense against biological weapons.

Can you explain what is that defense?
What do we need to do?
Is it storehouse vaccines?

For now, vaccines [are] a temporary solution. But for the military, maybe it's a good solution. But even for the military, I don't believe it's a comprehensive solution. We need to start thinking [about] using some different ways, because there is our own so-called protection system, immune system.

If we are able to boost our immune system, non-specific immune system, that's the most appropriate and the only way to develop protection. If we are able to develop special protective preparations, so-called pre-exposure, post-exposure preparations, treatment regimens based on boosting non-specific immune system, probably that's the only way to develop comprehensive protection against biological weapons.

But that doesn't exist now.

It now doesn't exist, but we are very close to developing these approaches.
And we have started working in this area, and I believe, if the United States government decides to study this approach very seriously and starts discussing this approach with scientists, we will be capable in three to five years of making biological weapons absolutely useless.

Have we, at this point, put enough scientists, money and effort into trying to find a solution to this?

If we analyze the level of development of biological weapons, and the level of development of bio-defense, probably the gap is about 20-25 years. Now we are developing protection against the weapons developed 20-25 years ago. We have absolutely nothing against modern versions of biological weapons. If we continue this approach, we would never be able to catch up.

What we need to do is stop for a second and think what is the best way. In my opinion, there is a way and I say this all the time: Vaccines are not a magic bullet. We wouldn't be able to protect a population using vaccines, because they are capable to do this work in some cases, but this is not a comprehensive protection.

If we do not understand that there are other ways, and we don't start analyzing and researching these ways, we will never be able to develop a good protection. We need to start developing so-called immune boosting protective preparations. That's the only way to make these weapons useless.

Can you compare the number of scientists that are now working in the field here in the U.S., compared to the number of scientists or facilities that were involved in the Soviet program?

Let me give this example, anthrax. In the Soviet Union, thousands of people were involved in developing an anthrax biological weapon. Here in the United States, maybe two or three people were involved in developing protection against anthrax.

For this complete interview, go to:

Do you think Dr. Alibek may be on to something? He has been trying to tell
our government for the past several years about the importance of building
the immune system in the general population for prevention of biological attacks, not to mention all illness.

Unfortunately, it often takes a crisis to initiate action. According to Dr. Alibek, there really is no other solution!

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