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Dear Mr.. Brackeen,

I went ahead an re-installed the viewer & downloaded the book again and I got it to work with the last set of passwords/usernames you sent me.

My frustration was worth the wait, what a great book! You have done a marvelous job of compiling and making a semblance of order! I am going to buy your bound copy through Pay Pal. Can you autograph my copy? I want the one with the topic and study index.

I am an ordained Spiritualist minister in the Spiritual Episcopal Church (Michigan) and I use more than just the Holy Bible for my sermons and workshops. Your book will come in handy as I can now expand my talks. I already own some of the books that contain the works you researched from, such as, The Other Bible: Ancient Esoteric Texts, The Lost Book of the Bible and The Forgotten Books of Eden, The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha, and of course the Apocrypha. I also have a neat little book called, And Jesus Said: An Introduction to the Christian Mysteries, by William A. Hamilton. This includes the Gospel of Thomas. There are few publications out there that use the "lost books" to quote from for sermons/teaching. As a Spiritualist/Metaphysical church, my church also uses, The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, as its foundation. I also quote from other religions' holy books. I just love the order you put everyt! hing in!
I was very intrigued with chapter 26 concerning the death of Mother Mary. I have a question for you:

In Earlyne Chaney's (this author died in 1997) 1993 book, The Madonna and the Coming Light, she has a whole chapter on, "The Second Book of Acts" (or Book of Acts II), that was discovered and translated by Kenneth Sylvan Guthrie in 1904. This Book of Acts was supposedly written by Luke. It is an account of Mother Mary on her deathbed as she describes her past lives (reincarnations). All of the apostles are at her bedside along with Gabriel. Have you ever heard or read The Second Book of Acts? I have yet to find a copy of this Acts II. I have a copy of the little book, The Lost Chapter of Acts of the Apostles, but this is 'The Sonnini Manuscript" that contains the account of Paul's journey in Britain and Spain.
By the way, your website is very intriguing. You have a lot on there! Thanks for my order and response to my question. No doubt I will have more questions & comments as I read on.

Many blessings and thanks to you,

Just in case your curious about the book


take a look at what one of readers in the St. Croix has to say:

"Dear Jeffrey and staff at Koinonia Communications. I have read . . .

Forbidden Truths. I must say that at times it has ben disturbing,

frightning and at times overwhelming. I am amazed at the apparent

work and research it must have taken to write this book and so I

just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated it." - Sherwin R.

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Go to bottom of The Seventh Trumpet and Order.
Thanks, Jeffrey Brackeen


"Dear Jeffrey,

. . . Again, thank you for the effort and research you put into The Seventh Trumpet.

As a minister,
I especially appreciate your effort because I am somewhat aware of the political boondogles involved in the creation and the rewriting of the Old Testament in about 600 B.C.

"The Catholic Church through Paul and his followers wrote, rewrote, edited, revised and censored for seven hundred years or so, in
creating the 'Word of God'.

"Not one person in a thousand realizes that for the first hundred or two hundred years, Christianity was far different - far more spiritual - far more magical and far more gnostic in outlook.

"The early Christian Church even had women as priests and at least one bishop before the
thought control and persecution of the church.

So thank you so much for looking into the corners and cracks where the soul of Christianity still resides."

Kenneth Courtney Retired Professor, U of C.


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"I appreciate your Seventh Trumpet ... .Hard Times # 5. which told about these 'terrorists  planning an attack on the United States.  The, soon after, I read in 'Nexus' Magazine (2940 E Colfax #131, Denver, CO. 80206) that a man had a three hour talk with 'Z' (a former consultant for the N.S.A.) during which he said...
"...the Intelligence Community expects a major terrorist strike within United States this (northern) winter.  ('Nexus' head office is Australia)  . . . most likely a biological agent dispersed across a city or note, or even a nuclear weapon detonated."  (Most likely Anthrax)  "Z" stated that the U.S. is quietly on Threat Com Delta, the equivalent of the Pentagon's warfare DeF Con 4  (active war) alert status.  Threat Con Delta, the highest level of civilian threat alert condition, ha been enacted because biological or nuclear incidents are considered likely to occur at any time now."
"Because of Threat Con Delta, classified sections of the National Security Act ( amended) and secret Presidential security directives have been activated."  "Did you know," Z asked, "that the President is not in charge now?  F.E.M.A. (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) is."  I said that this is
un constitutional and 'Z' replied that the classified laws and national security make it legal."
"Then, after knowing all this, E.J. and this [person]  went town Tuesday and  ... in Fry' s market, there was a tabloid with Saddam Husin's face on it... almost shouting a third warning that... Hussin said in January that Iran {Iraq?} plans to poison our water supplies this year. .. with nerve gas pellets [smaller than the head of a pin.] which causes quick, sudden death.  Yours, in the Spirit of Love,  EP

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Newsletter #22 (lawful title) Remember re: asset forfeiture
so-called for land be a mis-nomer since it's actually seized by "legal"means
such as according to federal code of Congress or StateStatutes,BUT that the
LAWful title be NOT TAKEn IF you protest that there is no LAW!
The Constitution IS the law because there is no such thing as an
un-constitutional law, but an unlawful statute. SO: do this= have the
victim sell you a quit-claim deed of the LAWful title to you for $1.00
and other valuable consideration and split the proceeds after a re-sale 50/50.
Like a Federal Reserve Note that is legal tender BUT NOT the lawful money!

Sent in by J.H. Thursday, February 22, 2001 12:52 PM

I want to thank you for your website.
I found the site a few days ago and have read some of the articles.
The 3 series:
(1)The Twelve Foundation Stones and the Portals
(2)The State of the Church Today
(3)Predictions, Prophecies, and Warnings; are what I have read so far. I plan on reading the other articles as soon as possible. This is the first time I have read any of your lessons. A lot of what you write rings so true in me.
Thanks again for the blessons and best regards,

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