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Dear Friends: This series of studies deals with ancient Christian Magic Rituals. Yes, you read that correctly. That is the only terminology I know to describe some of these powerful rituals that have long since been forgotten. These rituals were not only powerful in a psychological sense, they obviously connected the initiate to much higher realms and in so doing had a tremendous impact upon the initiate.



Opening the Ears

Secret Teachings in the Holy of Holies



The White Robe

The Anointing

The Redemption

The Agape Feast

Baptism for the Deceased

The Holy Wedding

Secret Techniques of Effective Prayer

Passwords for Healing Others

The White Stone with a Secret Name on it

Ascending the Ladder

The Sacred Dance

The Mantras Jesus taught his disciples







Celsus in his attack upon the Christians, voiced his regret that they were being persecuted but at the same time is dismayed "because of the . . . demonic words addressed to the LION, the animal with double forms [lion headed serpent] and the one shaped like an ASS and the other illustrious doorkeepers, whose names you hapless folk have wretchedly learned by heart." (V. 24-38, Contra Celsum, Origen) This would be the same Lion who walks about seeking whom he might devour.(I Peter 5:8)

Origen admitted that Christians were required to repeat from memory formulas which contained double meanings (just as we find in pagan mysteries) and to display certain sacred symbols and give an explanation of their meanings. (P.649, Book VI, Against Celsus, Origen, Migne)`

We might ask ourselves where the Christians obtained such teachings, since we don’t see much of this stuff in our New Testaments. I think we will find the answer in the teachings Jesus gave his followers after his resurrection.

Irenaeus tells us that Jesus continued to appear to his followers for twenty or more years after his resurrection. "He passed through every age; becoming an infant for infants . . . . a child for children . . . So likewise, he was and old man for old men, that he might be a perfect Master for all . . . sanctifying at the same time, the aged also, and becoming an example to them likewise. Then at last, he came on to death itself . . . and on completing his thirtieth year, he suffered being in fact still a young man who had by no means attained to advanced age.

"Now, that the first stage of early life embraced thirty years, and that this extends onward to the fortieth year, every one will admit, but from the fortieth and fiftieth year, a man begins to decline toward old age; which our Lord did, even as the gospel and all the elders testify;

Those who were conversant in Asia, with John the disciple of the Lord, that John conveyed to to them that information. And he (John) remained among them, up to the time of Trajan. Some of them moreover saw not only

John but the other apostles also and heard the same account from them and bear testimony to the statement."(Pp. 391-392, Irenaeus, Against Heresies, 2, 22, 5, The Anti-Nicene Fathers, Wm. B. Eerdmans, 1981)

Irenaeus said that Jesus died in old age??? But weren’t we taught that Jesus ascended into heaven and is still there. The Pistis Sophia speaks of two ascensions of Jesus to heaven. In his first ascension, he was only in heaven one day, long enough to offer a sacrifice before the Father. His second ascension was several years later, after he had revealed himself to various disciples and taught them secret knowledge.

We know that Jesus appeared to James 550 days after the resurrection and taught him. In the recently discovered Nag Hammadi Codices, there is a copy of the Revelation of James, in which we read about Jesus instructing

James in the Secret Knowledge of the Way. He relates that Jesus said, "Behold, I shall reveal to you your redemption. When you are seized and you undergo these pangs (of death), a multitude of Archons will turn against you, in order to seize you. In particular, three of them will

seize you - those who sit there as toll-collectors, not only demanding toll, but also taking away souls by force. When you come into their power, one of them who is their Overseer will ask you, ‘Who are you, and where are

you from?’ Your are to answer him, ‘I am Son and I am from the Father!’ He will then ask you ‘What sort of son are you and to which father do you belong?’ You our are to answer him ‘I am from the Father who is pre-existent.’

He will ask you, ‘Why were were you [ . . . lost] You are to answer him, ‘I came from the One [ . . . ] that I might behold . . . [He will ask you . . .] these alien things? You will answer him, ‘They are not entirely alien, but they are

from Sophia, the female, and she produced these when she brought this race down from the Pre-existent On. So then, they are not alien, but they are ours. They are indeed ours because she who is Mistress of them, who are

from the Pre-existent One. At the same time they are alien because the Pre-existent One did not combine with her, when she produced them.’ When he also says to you, ‘Where will you go?’ you are to answer him ‘To the place

where I came from, there will I return.’ For if you respond in this manner, you escape their attack, but when you encounter these three detainers [who] carry away souls by force in the place . . . you are to answer them, ‘I am a vessel more worthy than the one who produced you. . . .’

According to the recently discovered Books of Jeu, after the resurrection. "At Mary’s request on behalf of the Apostles, the Lord specified the progressive order of ‘all ordinances (myteria), all knowledge (instruction -soooun), seals (sphragides), tokens (psephoi), supplications (apologies- epipalesthai), degrees (formations - topoi)"

Immediately after being baptized, the Initiate was marked or Sealed (sfragizein). This seal or mark was the sphragis of Christ, which Paul bragged about carrying in his body. It literally meant a mark made by a signet ring, as in soft wax.

Finally, the Initiate was Anointed (chrism) with a sweet smelling oil. This anointing was to protect the Initiate from the attacks of the Archons. The Books of Savior,

written by Philip tells us that it was because of this Anointing that they were called ‘christians’ not because they were baptized!

At the same time that he was sealed, the Initiate was also given a white stone with a name and image engraved in it. The word used for white stone in Revelation 2:17 is yhfoz which in antiquity was commonly used for voting -

a black pebble for conviction - a white stone for aquittal.

Barbara Thiering, in her book Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls goes out of her way to suggest that Herod the Great gave white pebbles from the Jordan River to his missionaries to give to proselytes in foreign countries, who accepted his form of Judaism. I cannot confirm or deny such a hypothesis but I can point out the many amulets that have been discovered in Christian graves. These amulets are made up of several symbols to remind their bearer of great truths. The one on the left is Abraxus -the Greek letters for 365 (as in days). The one on the right shows the three letters I A O. Jesus explained these letters as meaning I-the Universe has gone forth. A-the Universe will return and O- the consummation will take place.

Jesus gave his disciples explicit directions as to what to say and do after death, when being confronted by the first Aeon. "When you come forth from the body and reach the first Aeon and Archons of that Aeon appear before

you, Seal yourselves with this seal. This is its name Zozeze, say it but once and seize this number -1119, with your two hands. When you Seal yourselves with this seal and have pronounced its name, then vindicate yourself

with this Apology. ‘Fall back Protethpersomphon chus, you Archons of the first Aeon, because I challenge Eaza ZeoZaz Zozeoz. Now when the Archons of the

first Aeon hear those names they will be terrified and draw back and flee in the direction of the west on the left and you will be able to Ascend." Similar speeches were taught for each of the fourteen Aeons until the Initiate had gained the Pleroma.

According to the books I and II Jeu, Gospel of Bartholomew and Pistis Sophia, Jesus began his instruction in the Higher Mysteries by having all his disciples, both male and female, dress themselves in white robes.

He arranged them in a circle around an Altar with himself standing in the center. "Thomas, Andrew, James and Simon the Caaanite were in

the west, with their faces turned toward the east, but Philip and Bartholomew were in the south [with their faces] toward the north, but the other disciples and the women disciples stood behind Jesus. Jesus stood beside the Altar. And Jesus cried out turning toward the four corners of the world with his disciples, who were clothed in linen garment and said, ‘IAO, IAO, IAO . . .’ But when Jesus had said this, he said, ‘Thou Father of all Fatherhood of the Infinite hearken to me for my disciples sake. . ."

Friends that all for this newsletter. God Bless you.

Jeffrey Brackeen


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