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Dear Friends: This series of studies deals with ancient Christian Magic Rituals. Yes, you read that correctly. That is the only terminology I know to describe some of these powerful rituals that have long since been forgotten. These rituals were not only powerful in a psychological sense, they obviously connected the initiate to much higher realms and in so doing had a tremendous impact upon the initiate.





Opening the Ears

Secret Teachings in the Holy of Holies



The White Robe

The Anointing

The Redemption

The Agape Feast

Baptism for the Deceased

The Holy Wedding

Secret Techniques of Effective Prayer

Passwords for Healing Others

The White Stone with a Secret Name on it

Ascending the Ladder

The Sacred Dance

The Mantras Jesus taught his disciples




In my last article I discussed the peculiar circle that Jesus had his disciples place themselves in, when he offered up special prayers. My book, Forbidden Truths Revealed, in

several places, makes mention of a sacred dance, which Jesus taught his disciples on the night he was betrayed by Judas Iscariot. I beg leave of my readers to cite just one of those quotations for this discussion.

"I suspect that one reason Hydatus accused the Priscillianists of practicing witchcraft was the dance which they performed at certain times of the year. Augustine, in his letter to Ceretius (a Prisicillian Bishop), quotes part of a

song which they used during this dance. It was the song which Jesus taught his twelve Apostles on the night he was betrayed. (Some believe that after Judas left to get the soldiers, Mark took his place as the twelfth person).

Augustine quotes some of the verses in this song, in his letter: 選 wish to unbind, and I wish to be unbound.

選 wish to save, and I wish to be saved.

選 wish to beget, and I wish to be begotten.

選 wish to sing, Dance all of you with joy.

選 wish to weep, All of you be struck with grief.

選 wish to adorn, and I wish to be adorned.

選 am the Lamp for you, who see me.

選 am the Gate for you who knock, You who see

what I do, do not reveal what I do.

選 have enacted all in this song

羨nd I have not been deceived in any way.?

"The song he is quoting is from the Secret Book of John, which was shown by John only to mature disciples, such as Polycarp and other.

"In another writing, Augustine relates concerning their use of the song and dance, which Jesus taught: ?The hymn of praise which they impute to our Lord Jesus Christ, to be sure is found in various books. This practice, however is not peculiar to the Priscillianists, but is also used my members of various other sects . . .

"The Lord痴 hymn which he secretly imparted to the holy Apostles and disciples and of which it is recorded in the Gospel, 羨nd when they had sung an hymn, they went out into the Mount of Olives?. . .

"The entire song is also recorded in the Acts of John. Interestingly enough the Acts of John was one of the books condemned by the second council of Nicea. But is is also alluded to in the Book of Jeu, which quotes Jesus as saying, 羨nd he spake to them, to the Twelve saying,

All stand round me and they stood around him. And he said to them, Respond after me and praise God with me, that I may praise my Father for the Emanation of all the Treasures. And he began to intone the hymn of praise, praising his Father and saying . . ."

They were to respond to each verse by saying 羨men?. In passing, I will just add that the symbol of a circle with a dot in the center remained as a sacred symbol for the Cathars and the Paulicans. From earliest times the Christians built their baptisteries in the shape of an octagon (eight sides) to simulate this circle.

In one of his interesting quotes, Clement of Alexandria, when speaking of the Christian Mysteries, said, "You shall

dance with angels". No doubt Clement was quite familiar with the Egyptian Mysteries and knew how closely they resembled the Christian Mysteries. He wrote, "That which

Christ brings forth [is] transformed into an Ogdoad . . . and through three names is liberated as a triad . . . When you bear the image of the terrestrial world, then you also bear the image of the celestial."- Clement of Alexandria, The Teachings of Theodotus.

Philo, the great Jewish philosopher, who lived quite awhile before Clement, wrote, "The soul . . . is borne ever higher to the ether and the circuit of heaven, and is carried around with the dances of the Planets and fixed stars, in

accordance with the laws of perfect music, reaching out after . .. the patterns of the originals of things of the sense which it saw here [on earth] longing to see the Great King himself."- Philo, On the Creation.

Friends, I will end this article by quoting something which Norman Golb wrote about the word 閃ystery?. He said, "The term 僧ystery? appearing in some of the Dead Sea Scrolls as a designation of hidden eschatological truth or

inexplicable deviations from perfect divine goodness, is used by Paul to describe the manifestation of God痴 Salvation through Jesus, a belief that could only be comprehended by some. The term, however was used throughout

the Hellenistic world in reference to religious cults that had secrets rites of passages.": - P.372, Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls?, Norman Golb, 1995

Go in God痴 love, I remain, Jeffrey Brackeen


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