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The Seventh Trumpet is at once an Intelligence Report and a Spiritual
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"And if ye go to war in your land against the enemy that oppresseth you, then ye shall blow an alarm with the trumpets; and ye shall be remembered before the LORD your God, and ye shall be saved from your enemies." - Num. 10:9



Can We Create Our Own Future Or Are We Bound by Fate?

This is a Study of the Forces at Work in our Lives, Utilizing a Deck of Intriguing Cards. - the "Illuminati New World Order" Game, created by Steve Jackson (S.J. Games 1995)

I believe that this Study will go a long way toward opening our eyes to the subtle influences that affect each and every one of us.

One of our very first study of cards appeared in THE SEVENTH TRUMPET, under the heading "THE MEANING OF THE MANDALA". It delved into the origin and esoteric meaning of the Tarot deck. We received many gratifying comments from our readers regarding that study. To review that study go to:

Recently, I discovered another set of interesting cards, entitled LoWTOria which features hand drawn cartoons, based on the popular childern's game, by Algerian-American artist Khalil Bendib, that portrays companies that sit on WTO lobbying committees.

Page 1.

This new game, a deck of 54 cards with characters ranging from El Vaquero (the cowboy) representing Philip Morris to La Jeringa (the Syringe) representing Eli Lilly, is a popular education tool for young and old alike about the corporations and their lobby groups who rig the global trading system.

El Mundo (the World) is used to represent Bechtel, which uses a globe as its logo, while El Diablito (the Little Devil) has been transformed into a parody of Ronald McDonald.

The cards, the playing boards and the information from the booklet are available online at Website:

But this is not the set of cards I wish to discuss in this series of articles. In this study, we will be looking at:

The 1995 Illuminati Card Game

Illuminati - "Illuminati -- New World Order" Game, or "INWO" for short. Steve Jackson has created a game (S.J. Games) that will hit very, very close to home, revealing the actual parts of the Illuminati plan to propel the world into the New World Order.

( ) These specific cards deliver heavy-duty revelations, which the readers of THE SEVENTH TRUMPET have been reading about for years. In this article, we will examine some of the cards and illustrate the meaning with current news events. Let’s begin with the card called

ENGLAND - The bottom of this card reads:
"Though England's power is reduced today, her influence is still felt everywhere. England gets two action tokens every turn."


by Lyndon LaRouche Becaue he

has some very interesting history, we will offer it here.

"1763. The British had won a naval war, effectively, a maritime war with the French. The French submitted, in terms of a treaty of 1763, which gave up a lot of the French colonies' areas in North America, to the British.

In the same period, India was taken over by the British East India Company. Not by Britain, but by the British East India Company. A company. And this occurred after the British had staged a war with the Dutch, before, and the Dutch system, the Dutch liberal system, had been assimilated into the liberal system of the British. In other words, they killed liberally—that's why they're called liberals. A liberal lack of conscience.

"So, anyway, the British Empire was established, actually in fact, by virtue of the subjugation of India, by a company, the British East India Company, in the early 18th Century,

Page 2.

and this was sealed by the Treaty of 1763. This was a turning point in modern history. It was not the beginning of modern history, but it's a crucial turning point, one of the several crucial turns.

"At that point, the British East India Company, which was then led, politically, by a figure called Lord Shelburne, had a meeting with Adam Smith, who was one of his lackeys he'd picked up.

He had other lackeys, many other lackeys. But Adam Smith was assigned by Shelburne, to go to France, and to develop an economic and other theory, to prevent the North American English-speaking colonies, from developing in ways that might lead to the formation of a republic in North America. That's number one.

Number two. In his work in France, he was supposed to assist in devising a plan for the destruction of France.

"Now, the same thing was true of Gibbon. Gibbon, who was another character who was a protégé of Lord Shelburne. He assigned Gibbon to write this history of the Roman Empire—to find out from study of the Roman Empire, to make a study, his famous three-volume study: Now that the British East India Company had established an empire, how could they keep it? What would prevent them from going the way of the Roman Empire?

And Gibbon said, well, one thing you've got to do, you've got to eliminate Christianity. And they did: the Established Church. The best way to get rid of Christianity, is to form a church. Get people in, you call it Christianity, and you destroy Christianity, because you've created something artificial, to replace something that was real.

"So anyway, this was the kind of process. So, in the process, in this period, Shelburne developed a freemasonic cult in France. It became active in the 1770s, and emerged, and became the key factor in the French Revolution. It was called the Martinists. It was a cult which was built up around Lyon, France. It included people like Cagliostro, and Mesmer, and so forth. And a figure around there, who emerged from it, Joseph de Maistre, who was extremely significant in this process.

"Then you had the French Revolution. The French Revolution was organized in a financial crisis, which had been organized by the British, by a free-trade economic policy. One of the key figures in that had been Jacques Necker, who was an agent of Lord Shelburne personally.

You had Philippe Egalité, who was an agent of Lord Shelburne, personally. Danton and Marat were both British agents, one French, the other Swiss. They had been brought to London, they were educated in London, under Jeremy Bentham.

"They worked for a secret committee of the British Foreign Office, set up under Bentham. The speeches of Danton and Marat, on the street and in the parliament of France, were written in London, under the direction of Bentham, and were read, and delivered in the parliament, and so forth, by Danton and Marat, as agents of British intelligence.

The Jacobins, the whole Jacobin Terror, was created in London, for destroying France. Also, Napoleon was created in London.

Page 3.

"Now, Napoleon, of course, was a Jacobin. He was also a Corsican bandit—that was his antecedents—who became one of the Robespierre brothers. He was a protégé of them. He was a Jacobin, was appointed to a position at Toulons, by this brother. He was then brought into Paris by the same interests, with his so-called whiff of grapeshot operation, later on.

"So, in 1796, Napoleon was recruited to this Martinist cult, indirectly, and was given a model to follow, by de Maistre, which became Napoleon the tyrant, Napoleon the emperor. Napoleon was officially a "Beast-Man."


"All right, so this was horrible. But then, after the war, the Synarchist International was activated. Now, who was the Synarchist International? The Synarchist International was a creation of what? It was a creation, essentially, of the British East India Company.

Which had constituted this freemasonic cult, called the Martinists, as a model cult, to be used politically, to destroy efforts to create republics, which might be considered as rivals or threats to the power of the British, the newly formed empire of the British East India Company.

"So, always, from the beginning, the origin of this was Venice, earlier. What? Venice was an imperial power, an imperial maritime power. But, in the declining years of the empire, of the second empire, the eastern empire, up to about 1000 AD, Venice began to emerge from a vassal status, between 800 AD and 1000 AD, Venice emerged more and more as an independent force.

Its organization was a financier oligarchy, a mercantile financier oligarchy, and it began to get more and more power.

"Now, the power of Venice was located largely in its alliance with a formation of a bunch of gangsters, called the Normans. Now these were the heathen, who were chased out of Saxony, by Charlemagne, and they went north into Jutland, and similar parts of that part of the world.

And they became known as the Normans. They were used as pirates and slaughterers, gangsters, organized crime. And they were used, then, in the first operation, major one, in Normandy, to take over Normandy.

That is, to take part of France, which was chopped up by two groups: the Cluniacs in the South, and the Norman invasion from the north. And this destroyed the France of Charlemagne.

"So they created the state of Normandy as a peace agreement, and this formation settled itself in the area of what is today Belgium and Normandy France. They, then, later on, took over England, and converted the Saxons who were Christians, into non-Christians, or dead Christians, one of the two. And that's the birth of Norman England.

"So the Normans then, as Normans, or as called Plantagenets, or called Anjou, were the major force allied with Venice, as a military force, which, among other things, conducted

Page 4.

the crusades. The First Crusade, actually, was the Norman Conquest of England; that was the first crusade. Then you had others which were called crusades. All these were conducted by the Normans, as a fighting force. All were directed by Venice. Venice always made money on it.

"The Fourth Crusade is typical. The Venetians decided to loot everything: When you walk around Venice today, you will find things that they stole during the period of the Fourth Crusade. They just stole things. They're like that. They're like those Las Vegas gangsters' mentality.

"So, this had been the power. So, from the beginning, this kind of evil was always controlled by a certain kind of usurious financier interest, the same ones that created the New Dark Age in the 14th Century.

"The British East India Company was modeled on the Venetians. It was a product of Venice, and modeled on the Venetians. It was trained by the Venetians.

That is, Venetian banks moved north, took Dutch and British names, and they appear in London, or on the coast of the North Sea and Baltic, which is the old Hanseatic area, they appear under names of those countries.

But they are actually members of families which were Venetian families. Sometimes which married into local populations. So you had a system of Venetian banking, that moved in, in this whole area, and took control. This became the Anglo-Dutch liberal system, out of which the Anglo-Dutch liberal system of parliamentary government occurred.

"And Europe has never escaped from the pestilence of Anglo-Dutch liberal parliamentary government. That's why the United States has never had its Constitution overturned, since it was formed. But there's no country in Europe which has maintained a constitution, since that time—except the United States. And the British, of course, avoided that problem because they never had a constitution. They had the opinion of the ruling oligarchy.

"So, the problem has always been bankers, of this type. It is the bankers who control the synarchists. It's the bankers who play the gangs against each other. The bankers will create two or three competing groups, all violence-prone, and set them to fighting each other, as a way of controlling society.

‘Just as Venezuela is nothing but a synarchist paradise of bankers. You have two major factions: one a left-wing thing around Chavez; a right-wing thing on his opposition. They're both synarchists; they're both controlled by the same set of bankers; and they're going to kill off the left and then bring in the right.

"Just as in France, where they had the so-called "Left" stage the French Revolution (they were really fascists); staged the revolution—and then, brought in Napoleon as the so-called reaction, who went through the clean-up phase of what was really the model for modern fascism.

Page 5.

"The same thing is now happening in Venezuela. The same thing is intended by Spain, today! Spain has never given up, culturally, its imperial idea. It still regards South and Central America as Spanish property—the property of the Spanish monarchy.

And they want it back! If you look at who owns some of the natural resources, and the power systems, of Brazil, Argentina, and so forth, it's by Spanish banks! Including the drug-pushing bank of the Bank of Bilbao, people like that.

So, the Spanish interest, it has an imperial policy—now—toward South and Central America. They want their property back! They want their monarchy back. The policy is called Hispanidad.

"This is what we're dealing with. So, these things go on.

"So, this group of bankers, going back to the end of the First World War, this group of bankers, which formed the Synarchist International, which included firms like Schlumberger, de Neuflize, Mallet, so forth—a whole group of banks—created fascism.

Which is just a branch of synarchism. They created it in Italy, first. It came out of France. It was introduced out of France, on the theory of purgative violence, to Mussolini.

"Who put Mussolini into power? A fellow called Volpi di Misurata. Who was Volpi di Misurata? He was a Venetian; he was also a British agent. When the British established the "Young Turk" movement, which they planted inside Turkey, in the Salonika area, "Volpi di Misurata was one of the key figures operating.

Also, the famous, or the infamous Parvus, was one of the agents involved. Jabotinsky was the writer of a publication called Jeune Turque, which was, again, that's the beginning of the so-called "Zionist fascism"—Jabotinsky there.

"Volpi di Misurata—who was not then called Volpi di Misurata; he was called Misurata later—became a key agent, a key controller for the Venetian banking interests. And it was he, who was the key figure who controlled Mussolini—who created and controlled him, for a group of bankers. The same thing is true in all these cases.


"Now, come to the case of Hitler. Hitler came to power, because of a financial crisis, which came to a head in 1928; that is, Germany, in '28, you had crisis, the fall of the Mueller government, because the country became ungovernable. From that point on, until the fascist dictatorship, you never had a party-elected Chancellor of Germany.

You had ministerial Chancellors: that is, the President of the republic would appoint a Chancellor, and the Chancellor would run the country, because you didn't have a party which could constitute itself as a government, in Germany.

"So, Hitler was being developed by the British—same crowd, and others. Hitler was being developed to become the dictator of Germany. That was the intention. And they put him in. They put him in. They put him in by a series of maneuvers. And, by the summer of 1934, World War II was inevitable.

Nothing existed on this planet, that could have stopped World War II, at that time. Nothing. It was inevitable.

Page 6.

"But, then, the British didn't like it so much. They liked Hitler. The intention of the policy was, to take over Europe, which they almost did at Dunkirk.

Once, having taken over Europe, to destroy the Soviet Union, quickly; and then, to take their allies—the navies of Japan; of the British, which was supposed to go over to the Nazis; of Italy, of Spain, and France—and these allied forces would then attack and destroy the United States. That was their plan.

"That was their plan up until June 1940. What happened? There were American bankers behind this. But what happened? What happened is, led by people like Churchill, they went to Roosevelt, against Hitler—why?

Because they didn't like fascism?

Well, they loved fascism! They were the fascists. They didn't like continental European fascism! It was given to the Europeans to destroy themselves with; it was not given to the Europeans to take over English-speaking countries! So, what you had is, you had the same bankers of New York—including Harriman, and the grandfather of the present President of the United States, Prescott Bush.

And Prescott Bush wrote the check—the drawing—which actually took the bankrupt Nazi Party, made it solvent, and put Hitler on the road to being appointed Chancellor. This was done by the top British bankers, at the same time.

What happened was, you had this incident at Dunkirk: Here you had the British Expeditionary Force, part of the French forces and Belgian forces, are sitting up there on the beaches at Dunkirk.The armored forces of the Wehrmacht were sitting there, ready to take them over.

Hitler stopped the attack! Why? He stopped the attack, because he believed then, that people like Lord Beaverbrook and Lord Halifax and others, in England, who were Hitler's friends, would induce the British government, under those circumstances—as they did the French government—to make an alliance with Hitler. As you had the Laval government and the Petain government, in France.

"But, it didn't happen. Because Churchill decided that the [affecting a British accent] "British were not going to work under the direction of that Hitler fellow, you know. We made him, yes.

But, he's not going to run us. We're English-speaking people. We are not going to destroy the English-speaking British Empire! And we're going to have these American fellows save our ass, so we can have our British Empah back!"

"That was the policy! You'll see what I'm getting to.

"So, these bastards, who had become patriots of the Anglo-American fight against Hitler, from 1940 on, in 1944, the summer of 1944, after the successful penetration of France by the Allied invasion force in June and July, then went over from being anti-Hitler, to saying, "Now that Hitler's dead, we can become Hitler."


"So, what they did, is they went first at the Democratic Party: They got Henry Wallace knocked out as Vice Presidential nominee, and put in a fascist pig, called Truman. Harry S Truman. The "S" is his middle name. There is no period after "S": What happened is, his mother—a significant character—his mother, when she was signing the birth

Page 7.

certificate, wrote out, on the name of the baby, "Harry S"; why'd she write "S"? Because she thought she was going to pick a second name for the child. She couldn't make up her mind, so she just put in the "S," to go on record, and never got around to putting anything after the "S." So, actually, Harry Truman was a perfect S.

Anyway, we had a right turn in the United States, with the fascist pigs of the United States side—Mellon, du Pont, Morgan, and so forth—the ones who had backed Hitler in the first place, who had allied with people like Lord Halifax and Lord Beaverbrook, in this kind of operation, now went back.

Having Hitler out of the way, now we're going to destroy the Soviet Union. We're going to go to war with the Soviet Union.

And, in the process, with the help of that great pacifist, Bertrand Russell, who designed the policy of world government through nuclear terror. It was called "preventive nuclear warfare," the doctrine of Bertrand Russell. This doctrine was the doctrine of the Anglo-American fascist right wing. That's what happened.

- Lyndon LaRouche


The Anglo-American Establishment is simply the powerful alliance of the top financial and merchant interests of Britain and the United States.

On the British side political power became concentrated, beginning in the eighteenth century, in a group associated with the first modern multinational corporation, the British East India Company, and in the City of London financial nexus (the "merchant bankers" that included Baring, Lehman, Rothschild and others).

On the American side, political power became concentrated by the early twentieth century in the factions that were associated with industry, commerce, and finance, such as Morgan (banking), Rockefeller (oil), Harriman (railroads), Carnegie (steel), Ford (automobiles), and DuPont (armaments).

The so-called "great rapprochement" that took place between the British and American governments between 1895-1914 brought the Anglo and American factions together in the very simple common desire to dominate the world and to make a lot of money in the process.


Now, let’s take a look at what’s happening right now. Venezuela is the fourth largest producer of oil, and the corporate elites whose political power runs unfettered in the Bush/Cheney oligarchy appear interested in privatizing Venezuela's oil industry.

Furthermore, the establishment might be concerned that Chavez's `barter deals' with 12 Latin American countries and Cuba are effectively cutting the U.S. dollar out of the vital oil transaction currency cycle.

Commodities are being traded among these countries in exchange for Venezuela's oil, thereby reducing reliance on fiat dollars. If these unique oil transactions proliferate, they could create more devaluation pressure on the dollar. Continuing attempts by the CIA to remove Hugo Chavez appear likely.

Page 8.

"Of major importance to the ultimate success of the euro, in terms of the oil pricing, will be if Europe's two major oil producers -- the United Kingdom and Norway join the single currency.

Naturally, the future integration of these two countries into the Euro-zone and Europe will be important considering they are the region's two major oil producers in the North Sea, which is home to the international crude oil benchmark, Brent. This might create a momentum to shift the oil pricing system to euros. . . .

"In the short-term, OPEC MCs, with possibly a few exceptions, are expected to continue to accept payment in dollars. Nevertheless, I believe that OPEC will not discount entirely the possibility of adopting euro pricing and payments in the future.

The Organization, like many other financial houses at present, is also assessing how the euro will settle into its life as a new currency. The critical question for market players is the overall value and stability of the euro, and whether other countries within the Union will adopt the single currency. . . .

Based on this important speech, momentum for OPEC to consider switching to the euro will grow once the E.U. expands in May 2004 to 450 million people with the inclusion of 10 additional member states.

The aggregate GDP will increase from $7 trillion to $9.6 trillion. This enlarged European Union (EU) will be an oil consuming purchasing population 33% larger than the U.S., and over half of OPEC crude oil will be sold to the EU as of mid-2004.

This does not include other potential E.U./euro entrants such as the U.K., Norway, Denmark and Sweden. It should be noted that since late 2002, the euro has been trading at parity or above the dollar, and analysts predict the dollar will continue its downward trending in 2003 relative to the euro.


VATICAN CITY - The bottom part of this card reads: "Your whole power structure is immune to attacks from Peaceful groups."

Now, we come to another important player in modern history - the Vatican: The Vatican owns stock in hundreds of banks all over the world; Banca Nazionale de Lavoro and many others.

The Vatican bought 26.8 million dollars in gold from the U.S. reserves, at a dollar an ounce under market value ($34 an ounce) and sold it back to the Government at market value [$35 an ounce (United Nations World Magazine, Dec.1952)]; The Jesuits own fifty one percent of Bank of America (largest bank in the U.S.)

New York State banking records shows us that in 1962 the Catholic Church owns stocks and bonds in hundreds of corporations. Among others: Baltimore & Ohio R.R., Rock Island, Erie, Sea Board, Missouri Pacific, Pere Marquette,

Page 9.

Goodyear Tire & Rubber, Firestone, Fisk, U.S. American Smelting, Commonwealth Edison, Brooklyn Edison, N.Y. Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric, West Penn Power, American Commonwealth Power, Texas Electric, Atlantic City Convention Hall, Louisiana Hotel Company, Squire Building, Lane Bryant, Fox Playhouses, Fox Theater (St. Louis), Denver Joint Stock Land Bank, Savoy Plaza Hotel, National Dairy, Thermoid, Washington Silk, Pillsbury Flour, Yankee Stadium, Watergate, General Motors, General Electric, Shell Oil, Bethlehem Steel, Gulf Oil, IBM, Boeing, Lockheed, Douglas, Curtis Wright, Phillips Oil Co., Creole Petroleum Co.

And all tax-free.

Over the years, I have tried to show a distinction between the Vatican and the Catholic Church. The ‘church’ is made up, basically, of God fearing, devout Catholics, who seek to honor God.

But the Vatican is a business. Oh, yes, it may be religious, but it is none-the -less a business. When the Apostles Peter and John were met by cripple, seeking healing, Peter informed him: "Silver and gold, have I none, but such as I have, I give to you" and he healed the man.

Today, the same cannot be said. The Vatican owns much gold and silver but it seems to have lost the divine power.


During September, 2000 according to Catholic sources (The Record, Louisville Diocese, Louisville, Kentucky; also see Christianity Today, November 13, 2000) Pope John Paul II, said to be the vicar of Christ on earth, dramatically failed in a personal attempt to cast demons out of a girl.

The 19-year-old girl had flown into a rage during a general audience with the Pontiff inside the Vatican on September 13. She began screaming insults at him, her voice said to be deep, raspy, masculine and cavernous. When security personnel tried to restrain the girl, she displayed superhuman strength in resisting them.

The Pope then personally intervened. He spent a half hour praying over the girl, hugging her, and ordering the demons to leave. The Pope even promised to celebrate a mass especially for her the next day. All to no avail.

The Pope also had the official Catholic exorcist of Rome, priest Gabrielle Amorth, perform repeated exorcism rituals to cast the demons out of the young lady. One ritual lasted two hours. But priest Amorth reported to the Pope that he, too, was unsuccessful.

Chillingly, the priest stated that during his exorcism, one demon inside the girl mocked the Pope, saying, "Not even your church head can send me away!"

Page 10.


On June 29, 1995, at the Vatican City in Rome. Pope John Paul II and the visiting head of the Orthodox Church stood side by side in harmony on the balcony of the massive Basilica of St. Peter, waving to throngs of admirers who stood below, mingled together around the Egyptian obelisk monument erected in St. Peter's square facing the great basilica.

Orthodox Life (Vol. 45, 1995)
, an official journal published by the Holy Trinity Monastery of the Orthodox Church, chronicled the event:

"John Paul II, head of the Roman Catholic Church, and Patriarch Bartholomew, symbolic head of Orthodox Christians, together, on Thursday, June 29, from the balcony of the basilica of St. Peter, blessed their faithful all over the world.

They addressed a common appeal for the reunification of the Christian churches, separated for 1,000 years. The two religious leaders came to participate at a mass in the Vatican, where they undertook to redouble their ecumenical efforts…

So here we have the supreme leaders of the Catholic and Orthodox churches joining ecumenical hands, standing on a balcony as thousands cheer. Then, says Orthodox Life, lightning struck. Literally-

Patriarch Bartholomew then asked Christians to pray and fast to oppose the power of the Devil and to drive out demons. At that exact moment, all the faithful were startled by a lightning bolt which struck the basilica, followed by a violent summer storm.

And what about that lightning bolt, accompanied by a violent rain that jarred the faithful on June 29th, 1995, heralding the approaching of the New Millennium when it struck St. Peter's Basilica, the very headquarters of world-wide Roman Catholicism? Was it a sign sent by an angry God?


April 8, 2002


According to recent interview by the Vatican Finance Minister, Cardinal Szoka,

(Business Week Online, April 5, 2002), the Vatican is seeking more

transparency in its financial dealings. Coming on the heals of hundreds of lawsuits stemming from the sexual abuse of children by priests, the Vatican is hard pressed to find assets to compensate the victims of pedophile priests and bishops.


Some Vatican gold is alleged to have a connection to Nazi loot obtained by

the Vatican Bank after the Second World War and is the subject of an ongoing

lawsuit in Federal Court ( ) The plaintiffs in that

Page 11.


case are asking the Vatican Bank and Franciscan Order to account for loot

laundered after World War II by Nazi war criminals.


On May 25, 2001, the Honorable Judge Maxine Chesney will hold a hearing on

the issue of "Political Question." The Vatican Bank and Franciscan Order have asked the court to dismiss the class action on grounds the court does not

have jurisdiction over "political" matters. On behalf of plaintiffs we will be vigorously opposing the defendants’ motion.

Dear Friends: The scope of the class action lawsuit against the Vatican Bank and otherdefendants is worldwide. Any person or organization that lost property or was a victim of the Ustasha regime in Croatia is eligible to participate, this includes heirs.

Since the lawsuit process is at its very beginning, the Court has not yet decided if this matter may proceed.

Therefore it will be important to demonstrate to the Court the worldwide class is both numerous and diverse, we need potential claimants to come from forward from all groups of victims in as many states and countries as possible.

We especially need claimants from Yugoslavia and California.

ATTORNEYS shall have authority to prosecute all entities or persons, including the Vatican Bank and the Franciscan Order, that received or profited from the use of the Ustasha Treasury by making them defendants in a class action, and to enforce any judgment or award for CLIENT.

CLIENT understands and acknowledges that ATTORNEYS may associate with other attorneys or class action law firms for the prosecution of this class action.


On another front, to settle with 542 parishioners sexually molested by its priests, the Archdiocese of Boston has mortgaged the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and St. John's Seminary, sold the building from which its Resource Center operates, raided its retirement funds and sold the 28-acre estate that has housed Boston's cardinals.

Imagine what Richard Cardinal Cushing would have thought of that! That’s all for this Issue folks.

We intend to continue our comments on The 1995 Illuminati Card Game in our next Issue.
Jeffrey Brackeen


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