Your Skin is the largest Organ in your Body

In our two previous Reports dealing with environmental hazards in our homes and work places, we issued some of the strongest warnings about products we purchase in the local supermarket and home supply stores.

This report contains additional information that you cannot afford to ignore, even if it is frightening.

Some of this information comes from a 1983 Journal of Toxicology article and a couple other books:
"Toxins in personal care products is one of the major reason why 1 out 3 Americans will develop cancer during their life!!

America has experienced an epidemic rise in
breast cancer for women, cataracts in adults, and leukemia in children as well as other types of cancer. More children than ever in history are wearing glasses because their eyes did not develop properly.

The cause is attributed to SLS- sodium lauryl sulfate, a product used in almost everything on a daily basis!

"You have something more dangerous in your Bathroom & Kitchen cabinets than a GUN!!

Using most personal care products: shampoo, conditioners, deodorants, toothpaste, mouthwash, cosmetics, is equivalent to smoking about 10 cigarettes every day - or eating a pound of bacon!!
And that was back in 1970!!

"The products that we use every day are producing contact dermatitis, inhibiting skin cell growth, damaging cell membranes, causing rashes, dry skin, surface damages, and developing heavy complex allergies.

Toxins from cosmetics and personal products are able to penetrate into systemic tissues and cause
liver abnormalities, kidney, heart, and brain damages!"

These HORRIBLE STATISTICS should make everybody realize that your skin is the largest organ in your body,

and treat it as such. You have to be careful! Since we cannot change our air, water, or environmental surroundings, we have to be more selective with all the products we actually put on our skin.

Did you know that living in the desert causes your hands to age 3-5 times faster than anywhere else?!


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Despite the fact the Department of Health and Human Services has issued warnings, they’ve already reported that alcohol in mouthwashes has been linked to both oral and throat cancer.

Dangerous Propylene Glycol used in anti-freeze is also in deodorants, cosmetics, lotions, baby wipes and more. This is the colorless, viscous, hydroscopic liquid used in hydraulic fluids. Yet it’s in the products your family uses daily.

Dangerous Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and DEA, capable of changing the genetic material in cells, causing eye damage and a potential cancer causing agent is in shampoo, toothpaste, bath gel, bubble bath, and more.

Dangerous toxins are in shampoos. Beware! FDA studies report shampooing with a SLS based shampoo, just once, could put as many nitrates into your body as if you ate a POUND of bacon. There have even been cases of hair falling out!

Aluminum in deodorant linked to Alzheimer’s!

Alcohol in mouthwash linked to oral and throat cancer!

Fluoride linked to cancer!

Talc in powder linked to ovarian cancer!


Why isn't the Government doing something about this?



Look at tobacco. Look at liquor. Here are two well-known cancer-causing products – yet the Government looks the other way. It’s a disgrace –- and alarming.

Just check out product labels in your home.

If you don't believe me, go check your products right now.
Do you see any of these ingredients?

You’ll find warnings on Toothpaste and Mouthwash, such as

How difficult is it for a child to swallow toothpaste? It’s enough to make you cringe –- especially when you realize that
1 out of every 3 Americans gets cancer.

Now that you are aware of these facts, who will you tell?

How about your friends and family members. Do they have dangerous substances in their products? Do you think they would be interested in switching their products too?

The bottom line is... MOST people don't know about this and the alternative SAFE products that are available to them.

That's where you come in.

How difficult would it be to convince your family to start using SAFER household and bathroom products? How difficult would it be for you to share this information with others? Consider the following:

FACT: There Are 76 Million Baby Boomers In The U.S.

FACT: These People Are Looking For Alternatives To
The $1.2 Trillion Conventional Health Care Industry - It's
Just Not Fulfilling Their Physical And Emotional Needs!

FACT: Tens Of BILLIONS Of Dollars Are Moving Into
Anti-Aging, Right As You Are READING THIS!

THE BOTTOM LINE: These 76 MILLION Baby Boomers

What Does This All Mean For You?...IT'S SIMPLE . . . Every1% shift away from Conventional Medicine into Anti-Aging represents MORE THAN $12 BILLION DOLLARS IN BUSINESS FOR EVERYONE POSITIONED To Capitalize On It.




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Diseases Associated with Biological Warfare

Wired News

Sniffing Out a Black Plague Vaccine

By Charles Mandel

2:00 a.m. Nov. 16, 2001 PST

VANCOUVER, British Columbia --

A Canadian biotechnology firm is working with the U.S. Army to develop a nasal spray vaccine that would protect against plague.

ID Biomedical announced on Thursday that it will collaborate with the army to ward off the threat of "Black Death" as a bioterrorist weapon.

The company, based in Vancouver, has a technology dubbed proteosomes that delivers nasal vaccines, causing protective immune responses at the mucosal surfaces lining the respiratory tract, including the nose, throat and lungs.

The U.S. Army will supply ID Biomedical with the plague antigens -- the basic proteins that come from plague bacteria. ID Biomedical will use those proteins to create a vaccine that will stimulate the immune system into making a protective response to the harmful bacteria.

There have been more than 150 recorded epidemics and pandemics of the plague, including a pandemic that killed about one-third of Europe's population in the 14th century.

Plague pneumonia is highly contagious
the bacteria spread through coughing.

Plague still occurs in specific regions of the world. For example, the squirrel population of the western United States still harbors the disease, which can be passed along to humans through flea bites. Tony Holler, the CEO of ID Biomedical, said that as a bioterrorist weapon plague would most likely take the form of a spray that people would inhale, as opposed to the bubonic -- or skin-contracted -- form of plague.

Before September, the chances of such a weapon being used would have been considered close to zero, Holler said. "But since then, because of the anthrax situation, governments and military personnel are recognizing this as a quantifiable threat. It's not close to zero. It's happened already."

There is no effective vaccine against the pneumonic form of plague -- the injected, Formalin-killed, whole-cell vaccine made many years ago does not protect against inhaled exposure to plague bacteria and has been withdrawn from the market.

Holler said a nasal spray that effectively creates a barrier against infections is particularly important when it comes to biological warfare. "As we saw with anthrax, the minute people developed pneumonia from the anthrax and it spread to the rest of their body, their mortality rate is very high.

"The ideal vaccine against these agents, whether it's anthrax or plague, is to prevent infection, not just disease."

Carol Linden, director of the U.S. Army's medical, chemical and biological defense research program in Frederick, Maryland, said she wasn't aware of any terrorist groups that currently have the plague as a bioweapon.

Even if terrorists did have the plague, it will be years before ID Biomedical's nasal vaccine is ready for use.

Nonetheless, Holler says governments will want to develop, manufacture and store vaccines such as his against any future threats.

The Cycling Probe Technology is one of the few DNA detection platforms to be incorporated into a product that has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval. The product is currently used to detect the gene responsible for antibiotic resistance in the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, the so-called super-bug.

Holler hopes the new systems being developed will detect anthrax, plague and other biological weapons more quickly, and allow for faster treatment. ____________________________________________________

Diseases Associated with Biological Warfare


Author: Robert Trupin, BS

The willingness of terrorist groups to employ weapons against the United States was alarmingly demonstrated by the World Trade Center bombing, in which the stated goal of the terrorists was to maximize civilian casualties. But the use of conventional weapons to terrorize a civilian population is not the only cause for concern.

Health professionals should be acquainted with diseases that lend themselves to bioterrorism. The possibility of a biological attack against one or more American cities is a major concern. Should such an attack occur, medical professionals are the nation's first line of defense. The quickness with which they diagnose and respond to a bioterrorist outbreak could decide whether or not the U.S. suffers a calamity.

The two most threatening diseases associated with bioterrorism are Smallpox and Anthrax. Despite widespread assurances that smallpox is not longer a threat, there is overwhelming evidence that contraband samples of the virus remain stored in several laboratories throughout the world. That so little attention has been devoted to the

possible emergence of a deliberately induced smallpox epidemic is evidence of poor planning as well as governmental irresponsibility.

Smallpox is among the least pleasant diseases known to man. It is an explosively contagious viral infection that is unique to humans. It is classified as a hot agent in Biosafety Level 4 category, which means that a single case, anywhere in the world, would be considered a global medical emergency.(1) If smallpox infection is suspected, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Emergency Response Office should be immediately notified.

Outbreak. In the event of an outbreak of even a single case of smallpox, emergency powers are immediately assumed by local, state, and federal authorities according to a chain of command and division of responsibilities.

CDC personnel will rush to the scene with protective gear, vaccine, and whatever equipment is needed to collect samples. Specimen packaging and transporting includes a documented chain of possession coordinated by the FBI. Biosafety Level 4 disease specimens are rushed to CDC or several select Department of Defense (DOD) laboratories.(9) Travel may be restricted and quarantines imposed. Civil liberties and constitutional rights tend to fare badly during national emergencies of this gravity.

The Smallpox Vaccine

Because many of the proteins present in other pox viruses are similar to those found in smallpox, it is possible to develop effective vaccines based on non-human pox viruses (cow pox for instance). Other pox viruses that might grant immunity to humans are monkey pox, or in sheep, and molluscum contagiosum, a relatively mild sexually transmitted disease in humans.

Smallpox vaccine is effective for approximately ten years, after which it begins to lose potency. No one has been vaccinated in the United States for the past twenty-five years. We are almost as virgin a population as were the Aztecs when the conquistadors descended upon them.

The Centers for Disease Control owns a small supply of smallpox vaccine that is stored in four cardboard boxes in the walk-in freezer of a pharmaceutical company in Pennsylvania. The company, Wyet-Ayerst Laboratories, manufactured fifteen million doses of smallpox vaccine over a period of five years some twenty-five to thirty years ago.

The CDC owns six to seven million doses of this production, a ridiculously insufficient amount to protect a population the size of the US. But even this may be an inflated figure and it has been reported that the vaccine has seriously deteriorated. Some people on whom it was tested have had serious and even fatal reactions. The antidote to these reactions has also deteriorated. Such is our state of readiness.

History of Smallpox

The smallpox virus probably existed since the infancy of the human species, but required the population density that can be supported by agriculture to spread quickly.

The first historical record of smallpox infection occurred about 3000 years ago in Egypt. Since then massive smallpox epidemics have swept across Asia and Europe killing and disfiguring hundreds of millions.

Its contiguousness and explosive infection rate allows the virus to spread rapidly . Smallpox is unique to humans and is believed to have killed more people than any other disease in recorded history.(1)

Egypt. The oldest known case of smallpox was that of Pharaoh Ramses V of Egypt who died in the twelfth century BC. His mummy reveals that the young king's face and torso were covered with blisters characteristic of smallpox.(2)

Rome. In 165 A.D. the Roman empire was devastated by a smallpox epidemic that raged for fifteen years and killed tens of millions. Romans were completely vulnerable to smallpox, the disease having suddenly emerged from the Asian continent. The decline in population reduced the Roman army which replaced its losses with barbarians who had no particular loyalty to Rome. Rome was never able to recover its former military prowess, and was eventually over-run by barbarian armies.(3)

Europe and Asia. The middle-ages saw devastating outbreaks of smallpox that killed untold millions throughout Europe and Asia leaving many of the survivors immune.
It was not uncommon for victims of smallpox or some other plague to be catapulted over the walls of a city under siege in an attempt to start an epidemic within it.

Mexico. Cortez and his conquistadors invaded Mexico in 1518. The Aztecs had no immunity to a host of European diseases, the worst being smallpox. By the time Cortez and a few hundred of his exhausted warriors attacked Mexico City with its huge population, the defenders had been decimated and demoralized by smallpox. The city fell, and Aztec civilization fell with it.(4)

North America. It is estimated that smallpox, along with a number of lesser diseases, killed 56 million native Americans during the Spanish conquest of Mexico. The death toll mounted as smallpox spread to other Indian nations, none of which had any resistance to infection. Infected blankets from smallpox victims were presented to native Americans as gifts during the westward expansion of the United States.

Smallpox eradication campaign.
In 1952, after the disease had killed about 300 million people in the twentieth century (5), a campaign to eradicate smallpox was initiated by the World Health Organization. The Smallpox Eradication Unit was led by Dr. Donald A. Henderson, a particularly capable epidemiologist. The disease existed in thirty-three countries and was killing more than two-million people per year. A program of

mass inoculation was instituted over a twenty year period. Eighty percent of the population was inoculated in regions harboring the disease, and the number of new smallpox cases approached zero.

Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia had one of the last serious epidemics in 1972. A Muslim pilgrim returned from Mecca to his home in Kosovo carrying the deadly virus. No case had occurred in Yugoslavia since 1930, and the entire population of Yugoslavia had been routinely vaccinated for the past 50 years. The pilgrim himself was inoculated just two months earlier. Yugoslavia had, at the time, eighteen million doses of vaccine available to serve 21 million people. The World Health Organization of the United Nations had millions more. Yugoslavia had an authoritarian government under Tito which was capable of acting swiftly, and if need be, ruthlessly.

The pilgrim felt achy with flu-like symptoms shortly after his return from Mecca. For over a week he had been exposing his family to infection. His first serious symptom was hemorrhaging in the whites of his eyes, which darkened until they were almost black. The development of lesions on his body did not immediately alert anyone to the possibility of smallpox, since no case had occurred in Yugoslavia for over forty
After the onset of severe hemorrhaging, the pilgrim was rushed to a local hospital where he infected a nurse and eight other patients. From the local hospital he was rushed to a hospital in Belgrade where he infected twenty-eight more people including eight doctors and nurses. They in turn in infected 150 more. The disease was moving rapidly throughout Yugoslavia.
The army was mobilized and martial law was declared. The borders were sealed and unauthorized travel was forbidden. Hotels and apartment houses were requisitioned and used to quarantine over ten thousand people. Within two weeks everyone in Yugoslavia had been revaccinated. The number of newly infected individuals dropped with each wave soon reaching zero.(6)

Bangladesh. In early 1975 smallpox broke out in Bangladesh and swept through more than five-hundred villages. Dr. Henderson and his team vaccinated people in rings around each new outbreak, and tracked down everyone who had contact with infected individuals. By the end of the year there were no new cases.(7)
The last known case in the world occurred in Somalia in 1977.(8)


Books with links can be bought at

1. Henderson D. Smallpox: Clinical and Epidemiological Features CDC Vol.5, 08/99

2. Garret L.. The Coming Plague Farrar, Straus, & Giroux; 1994.

3. Preston, Richard The New Yorker 7/12/99. Conde Nash Publications

Diseases Associated with Biological Warfare


The report is called: Postexposure Prophylaxis against Experimental Inhalation Anthrax (Journal of Infect. Dis. 1993; 167:1239-42)

The experiment was conducted by Dr. Arthur M. Friedlander, US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, Bacteriology Division, Fort Detrick, Frederick, MD Rhesus monkeys (6 groups of 10 each, total: 60) were exposed to a heads-only challenge of air delivered Anthrax spores. Beginning one day after exposure, each of the six groups being tested were given the below treatment, with results as follows:

Treatment Anthrax Deaths

Control (untreated) 9 out of 10 died

Vaccine Alone 8 out of 10 died

Penicillin 3 out of 10 died

Ciprofloxacin 1 out of 10 died

Doxycycline 1 out of 10 died

Doxycycline + Vaccine 0 out of 10 died

Several things about this study are readily apparent.

The antibiotics worked surprisingly well even when treatment was started a day after exposure.

Given a day after exposure, the vaccine was a dismal failure.

Without the prophylaxis, the chances of contracting the disease after being exposed to Inhalation Anthrax is almost a certainty. The study was done on monkeys. While the Rhesus monkey responds to diseases and medications quite like a human, they are still animals. Human dosages will be different and the outcome may be better or not as successful.

Treatment Anthrax Deaths

Control (untreated) 9 out of 10 died

Vaccine Alone 8 out of 10 died

Penicillin 3 out of 10 died

Ciprofloxacin 1 out of 10 died

Doxycycline 1 out of 10 died

Doxycycline + Vaccine 0 out of 10 died

Several things about this study are readily apparent.

The antibiotics worked surprisingly well even when treatment was started a day after exposure.

Given a day after exposure, the vaccine was a dismal failure.

Without the prophylaxis, the chances of contracting the disease after being exposed to Inhalation Anthrax is almost a certainty. The study was done on monkeys. While the Rhesus monkey responds to diseases and medications quite like a human, they are still animals. Human dosages will be different and the outcome may be better or not as successful. Before we discuss human dosages, consider these options:

a. If you contract Pulmonary Anthrax and you do not treat it, YOU WILL SURELY DIE!

b. Even with the most heroic treatment measures available in a hospital setting, your chances of surviving Pulmonary Anthrax are extremely remote.

c. Human doses are determined by conversion calculations between animals and humans. This is accomplished through blood level comparisons of MICs (Minimum Inhibitory Concentrations), dosage weight tables, peak and trough levels as well as various case studies.

d. Additionally, human dosages were discussed with Pharmacists, Physicians, Clinicians and a former Chief of Medical Research of Oklahoma.



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