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The Seventh Trumpet is at once an Intelligence Report and a Spiritual

Commentary upon the Events and Affairs of our Times. It is intended to

be an ongoing Educational Curriculum based on the subterranean streams

of economic, social, political, spiritual and historical facts, little known to

the general population.





The answer is YES, you are being poisoned. Did you know there
is poison in your toiletries.

Chemicals proven to cause cancer.... Don't
believe me!.... Then look at your toothpaste and shampoo NOW!

See if
you put these poisons on your skin or in your mouth.

Every day you may
put in your mouth or put on your skin Sodium Hydroxide, a powerful pipeline milkstone remover and detergent... Sodium Lauryl Sulphate a proven carcinogen used as a commercial degreaser... Propylene Glycol an antifreeze compound... Sodium fluoride first used as a rat poison... Toxic Aluminum...used in under arm deodorant,.

causes breast cancer
and implicated in other serious disease... In Part 1, of this Report, we discussed several toxic substances found in products we use everyday for health and beauty


When you see a "non-toxic" label on a toy, you assume that toy is safe for
your child. The label, however, might be deceptive. A Greenpeace investigation has revealed that toys made of soft PVC plastic (better known as vinyl) contain dangerous additives that can leak out of the plastic and be
ingested by children.

These chemicals, which include
lead, cadmium,
and toxic softeners, may cause permanent damage to the brain, liver and reproductive system. What's Wrong With PVC Plastic? Throughout its lifecycle, PVC plastic (vinyl) is the worst plastic for the environment because it is the only common plastic produced using chlorine.

When PVC plastic is produced
and burned (either accidentally or intentionally),
the chlorine content
produces dioxin, the most poisonous synthetic substance known to science.

Dioxin has been linked to cancer as well as to developmental
and reproductive damage. But PVC is unique among plastics in another way. Because PVC is a hard brittle and unusable material, a variety of chemicals must be added to it to make finished vinyl products.

These additives are generally not bound
strongly into the plastic and can be released when the product is used. When children suck or chew PVC toys, they can end up ingesting these toxic chemicals.

Two Types of Hazardous Additives Stabilizers are added to all PVC
products because without these additives, the chlorine would degrade the plastic.
Two common stabilizers are particularly alarming:

lead and cad

Lead poisoning is widely recognized to be one of the most
serious preventable public health hazards.

Even extremely low doses
cause permanent damage to the human brain, leading to decreased intelligence. It is even possible to predict how much a child's IQ will drop for every increase of lead in the blood.

Cadmium is even more toxic than
lead - it causes kidney damage and is linked to cancer. Plasticizers are added to PVC to make it soft or flexible. These chemicals are used in such large quantities that they can account for nearly half the weight of vinylproducts such as teethers.

Independent government studies in the United States and several other
countries have demonstrated that when children put soft vinyl toys in their
mouths, they can ingest dangerous levels of plasticizers called phthalates (pronounced "thay-lates").
Phthalates have been linked to damage to
the kidneys, liver and sex organs.  


In response to pressure from Greenpeace, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has requested that toy manufacturers stop using lead, cadmium and phthalates in various PVC children's products.

Parents are
advised to throw away PVC infant toys that are intended for the mouth, and retailers are requested to remove them from sale.

Major toy manufacturers and retailers have pledged to comply with these
requests. Greenpeace believes that these safeguards offer useful but inadequate precautionary measures. Because PVC leaches any chemical additives and because there are readily available alternatives to PVC toys, PVC plastic is an inappropriate material for children's products.

The safest and easiest
solution is for toy manufacturers to avoid PVC altogether.


Don't buy PVC (vinyl) products. PVC children's products that you've already
purchased should be returned to the manufacturer or retailer.
Contact your
state health authority and urge him or her to investigate toxic additives to vinyl products.
Call the following trade associations, retailers, distributors,
and manufacturers and demand that they discontinue PVC children's products.
(800) 242-7276
Mattel (800) 524-8697
(800) 752-9755
Fisher Price (800) 432-5437
(800) 443-7237
Safety First
(800) 723-3065
Warner Brothers
(800) 843-2341
Disney Licensing
(818) 567-5918

Also available online are the complete test results and comprehensive lists
of the products tested, contained in the report "Lead and Cadmium in Vinyl Children's Products: a Greenpeace Exposť".

Dangers In The Home

Some of the materials with which you built your residence or furnished it may lead to health problems. In Earl Mindell's Nutrition and Health for Dogs (co-authored with Elizabeth Renaghan),

Mindell writes at great
length about the importance of maintaining a strong immune system, and how pollution in our homes can diminish this possibility.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conducted studies of air pollution levels both indoors and outdoors for five years. They found that indoor pollution levels are one hundred to two hundred times higher.

Mindell recommends cleaning all filters, ducts
and vents often, or you and your pets could be breathing asbestos, pollens, pesticides, tobacco, dust mites, mildew, bacteria, and a host of other unhealthy agents.

If you are building or remodeling a home, look for products that say "toxin
free" on the label. Carpets especially are troublesome. Look for a "green label" stating that the product has met voluntary emissions criteria.

It is a
good idea o have the retailer air out your new carpet, and for you to air out
your home once the carpet is installed.

Rubber latex
in carpet backing
and carpet and carpet adhesive often emits toxic fumes.
This can cause
a variety of ailments, including headaches, vomiting, nausea, and irritated eyes.

Paints are important to consider, too. Oil- or latex-based substances contain approximately three hundred toxic substances.
The fumes
often linger and can cause all sorts of ailments for both humans and domestic animals. Try to choose paints labeled "a clean air choice."

you paint, keep your animals outside or even at a friend's house, and leave your windows open. Mindell recommends against softwood plywood, waferboard, or strand
board over pressed woods, many of which contain a toxin called urea formaldehyde.

Again, these products can cause nausea along with throat,
lung, and skin irritations, and more.

The Environmental Protection
Agency estimates that in the United States we spend over one billion dollars on medial costs for cancer and heart disease caused by indoor pollutants," writes Mindell.  


The next category of dangerous products includes dozens of household
cleaning agents such as toilet bowl cleaners, bleaches, and detergents.

These can destroy tissue by acid or alkaline burns
, by dissolving
through tissue membranes, by being absorbed into the bloodstream, and bycausing generalized illness and other symptoms.

In addition, flea products -
are not as safe as they seem, especially if they are not used as directed. Some may actually be carcinogenic. If your animal shows any abnormal reaction - scratching, depression, vomiting, diarrhea, excessive salivation -stop using them and contact your animal health care provider.

In an article titled
"Spring Cleaning: Using Pet-Safe Products to Clean
Your Home," writer Amy Carlton ( includes this list of particularly hazardous chemicals often found in commercial cleaning products: -
Perchloroethylene is a stain remover that is a known animal carcinogen Amyl acetate is found in furniture polish.

Artificial colors and fragrances with no cleaning value can cause allergic reactions or irritations. - Benzene is a carcinogen found in many detergents and oven cleaning supplies. - Naphthalene, a cousin of benzene linked to skin allergies, cataracts, and kidney problems, is often contained in deodorizers and carpet cleaners.

Need I go further and discuss the harmful effects of these products on the
immune systems of babies and the elderly? Fact is, we’re all suffering!!! Let me recommend some family friendly cleaning Products:
Go to:


Every moment of your life, your Immune system, stands between you and death. Nature has equipped our immune systems to protect us against
"never-before-seen" diseases.

In the past, when
Bubonic Plague hit
the world, only 40% of the infected population was able to survive.

Why did some people live, while others died? It was their
immune systems.

The best protection against foreign invaders is a
strong, healthy and balanced Immune system. Medical Journals and Major Institutions report;

Due to environmental trauma, stress, "super bugs", poor nutri
tion and other modern day conditions, the Human Immune System is losing it's ability to protect the body. The fight to survive is on, and by all clinical accounts...


Research Scientists and Medical Experts agree that the key to staying well, and Possibly Your Survival, is the enhancement of the immune system. It
is your only natural defense against microscopic invaders, including; bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds and many forms of cell mutations, including cancer.

In view of Genetics and Aging being the "Last Frontier", the emerging
Wellness Industry is on the forefront.

The whole world has been breathlessly watching and investing huge sums of money into the development of a new technology that will assist the body’s immune system in it's efforts to protect us from the systemic effects of aging and disease.

Make note of today’s date, you may be about to change your life to one that will exceed even your wildest dreams. This is not hype. This is about an affordable product that everyone needs, a product that lives up to it's claims, and is backed by a quality
company steeped in integrity.

Have you noticed your body changing? Do you find yourself quietly won
dering why you just had such difficulty performing that last little physical maneuver?

Yes? I was too..

But, like you, I stumbled onto a solution to the problem.

And let me tell you...

If you want to
feel better than you ever have, if you want to have the
youthful energy you miss, if you want to sleep like a baby again, if you want to increase your overall sense of well being, if you want freedom from worry about future potential health problems. Start using 4Life today.

My name is Jeffrey Brackeen, and I have to tell you, never in a million years did I think I would be promoting (and ecstatic to be using) any kind ofa Health Improvement Product.

But four years ago, I was told that I had
intestinal Cancer and would need an operation, plus chemo-therapy and high level doses of radiation.

I survived all that, but I knew my immune
system was severely weakened, so I began visiting heath food stores to find products that would revitalize my body and restore my health.

I kept
searching and now, I have . . . 


The wise selection of dietary supplements is one of the most
important things you can do to achieve optimal health.

concentrates on providing the highest quality, scientifically formulated products based on proprietary and patented ingredients. And now, with more than 50 products represented, 4Life truly offers something for everyone. And, every 4Life product is backed by a 100%, 30-day, money back guarantee.

In today's world where pollution, viruses and
debilitating diseases are on the rise, 4Life completely understands the importance of a strong immune system for achieving optimal health and wellness. Therefore, the development of effective supplements that build and strengthen the immune system is the core of product development.

One product,
Transfer Factor, has remained at the forefront of nutri
tional supplements that scientific studies have shown to offer outstanding immune enhancing benefits.

Transfer Factor has been shown not only to
help strengthen the immune system, but also to actually help educate the immune system to more effectively function.

In addition to immune building products,
4Life also offers a variety of
formulas from different product lines, including weight management, skin care and general wellness and nutrition. This complete line of nutritional supplements allows distributors to effectively meet the needs of virtually all individuals no matter what their health concerns may be. And, with all of the products 4Life has to offer, you can be assured that only the finest, guaranteed potency ingredients are used and scientifically blended to offer consistency and quality each time you use them.

Always striving to stay on the cutting-edge of research, 4Life utilizes the expertise of a professional and medical advisory board that includes a group of some of the country's leading physicians, bio-chemists, immunity experts, nutritionists, formulators and manufacturers who use the products in their personal lives and practices every day.

These practicing professionals work to
further efforts in research and product development and provide a constantinflux of new information and awareness regarding current health issues. 


For Products (not Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs) that boost your Immune System,
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For Family Freindly cleaning Products:
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